October 21, 2021

3D printing with motor unit and Bluetooth controlled camera carriage

3D printing technology can make photography benefit a lot. It is not new, especially in the production of some low-cost photography accessories. The use of 3D technology in the production of these accessories makes it more affordable for photographers. Their hobbies. Although many DIY photography accessories are difficult to match the Adafruit camera carriage, there are still people who upgraded the design. The Ruiz brothers introduced an upgraded version of the camera carriage. The upgraded version is more complicated than the original version. Many motors and Bluetooth control units.

The Ruiz brothers stated that they are very pleased that the camera carriage can add another dimension and perspective to photography without breaking the basic pattern. But as engineers, they instinctively want to add smarter things to this carriage, so they developed a program called Adafruit Bluefruit SPI Friend, which can be connected to the Adafruit Bluefruit LE app via Android or iOS devices. Remote control of the camera carriage.

When they first proposed this idea, they posted this tutorial online, hoping to help those photographers DIY this slider. In fact, the production process of the carriage is very simple, only a 500 mm long slide and a platform for mounting the camera. If you want to upgrade this device, you also need the Adafruit Bluefruit SPI Friend program, a NEMA17 stepper motor, a rail, a pulley, and an 8-cell battery holder. In this way, a triangle carriage that is available for both a mobile phone and a video camera is completed.

But before that, the most complicated is the circuit principle design and electronic component assembly. Because it involves a lot of electronic parts, I want to know what I want before I do it, and then I do 3D printing.

Next, things can happen a lot of complicated changes in a short period of time, because the NEMA17 stepper motor has a lot of lines to set up, so the next version of the Arduino IDE is needed to control the entire circuit. To ensure success, you should follow the Adafruit tutorial strictly. If you are completely new to Adafruit, then it is recommended to take a look at the tutorial "How to make the LED light blink", which will help you better understand the use of the IDE and know how to upload the code and load the sketch.

Once successful, you can enter the assembly process. Of course, there are many steps in the assembly process. Such as installing a camera bracket, setting rails and motors, mounting carriage screw holes, and so on. So, you need to follow the Ruiz brothers' tutorials step by step to complete the installation. Once you're done, you can launch bluefruit and connect to the slider via the Adafruit Bluefruit LE app.

Despite the complexity of the project, the results are truly amazing, and it can almost compensate for any lack of equipment for the photographer. This carriage can support three to four pounds of weight, so all mobile phones and camcorders can be used. However, the Ruiz brothers also suggested that wide-angle lenses and panoramic shots should be avoided as long as the length of the guide rails is limited, so the lens slide distance is insufficient. But you can try to get the illusion of a larger lens glide distance through the foreground, as long as the angle selection is creative and feasible, you can also install it on a low floor or on the table. But then again, this is actually the best result of the current 3D print camera carriage.


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