October 26, 2020

6 preparations before buying furniture

Measurement preparation work before buying furniture.jpg

Some bloggers from foreign websites give some work that should be prepared before purchasing furniture, which is quite useful for reference:

When you are in a furniture store and hope that the furniture you buy can come in handy at home and make decisions about choosing furniture, you will find the furniture store a tough environment. Do some preparatory work, such as doing some simple design yourself or finding the style you like, which helps the guides help you assess your needs and ensure that your dream home becomes a reality.

Here are a few things you can design in advance:

1. Room measurements, including all open ports such as windows and doors

2. Measurement of the size of the furniture you are going to keep

3. Measurement of door width, net height, and stair size to ensure that your furniture can be moved in and placed where you want it

4. Samples of paint, wood and soft fabrics you want

5. Picture! Do some research work and record it. If you don't have a room idea that is very exciting for you, your idea is still incomplete. The Internet is a wonderful source.

6. Plan your budget and leave room for it

Now you are ready to start a fun and successful furniture sourcing trip.

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