September 23, 2020

Adjustment method of salt spray tester

The salt spray tester is one of the "three preventions" (damp heat, salt spray, mold) test equipment of artificial climate simulation environment, suitable for automotive parts, electroplating, coatings, electronic components, protective layers of metal materials and industrial products. Fog corrosion test.

The salt spray tester will inevitably have large and small faults during the test process. In order to allow users to quickly solve the faults and continue to do the salt spray aging test smoothly, the editor introduced the adjustment method when the test is abnormal.

1. Adjustment of the amount of salt spray:

(1) Adjust the distance between the tip of the top of the spray tower and the spray port, the greater the distance, the greater the amount of settlement;

(2) Adjust the spray pressure valve. The larger the Mpa of the pressure valve is, the greater the salt mist settlement is. Mpa is proportional to the amount of salt mist settlement.

2. The adjustment method of continuous spray and gap spray:

Before the test, according to the test requirements, use "continuous" spray or "gap" spray. If "continuous" spraying is required, turn on the "continuous" switch; if "gap" spraying is required, turn on the "gap" spraying switch (gap time should be specifically set on the time relay in advance).

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