August 10, 2020

alert! Seasonal cosmetics ruined face

Clothing changes with the season, and cosmetics are also changed with the season. The refreshing high-multiple sunscreen cream purchased in the summer has not been wiped out in the autumn. Anyway, it is effective for one year in the sunscreen. It doesn't matter if you continue to wipe it! NO!NO!NO! This is equivalent to giving the skin a chronic poison, and the seasonal cosmetics will ruin your face a little.

Seasonal cosmetics ruined face
Seasonal cosmetics ruined face

After-season facial cleanser: the most easily overlooked root "poison"
Since the secretion of sebaceous glands increases and decreases with the seasons, the degreasing cleaning products suitable for summer use may wash the face too dry in autumn and winter, causing sensitive symptoms. At this time, you need to replace the moisturizing facial cleanser. While cleaning, tightly lock the necessary moisture and oil to better care for your little face. How to detect facial cleanser can not be used when the summer and autumn alternation is not so obvious? When you wash your face, there is a slight tension on your face, which means you need to change the facial cleanser.
Turn waste into treasure: no longer use facial cleanser can use the toothbrush to pick up the laundry collar sleeves, you can also brush the travel shoes, or use Hani as a shaving cream is also a good use!
Seasonal lotion: destroying the jade face "a knife"
The temperature in spring and summer is high, the sebaceous glands are exuberant, and the pores are open, which is easy to absorb. In order to prevent excessive absorption, the selected products should not be too greasy, and the oil and oil-soluble ingredients should be less, and it is easy to produce acne. However, in the autumn and winter, the temperature is lower, the pores are occluded, and the sebaceous glands are less secreted. Therefore, it is necessary to use products with more animal and vegetable oils to help the nutrient absorption. In the sand season, the north wind whistled, then the milk-based oily skin care products should guard the front. If you continue to use the thin summer lotion, I am afraid that the old dry lines will climb your face too early. It is definitely a knife for you to discuss.
Turn waste into treasure: whitening lotion is used to rub on the elbow joints and ankles that are usually taken care of. It can be used to whiten the effect. You can also use a small piece of cotton padded lotion to wrap the nails and remove them after 15 minutes. Brightens nails and helps nail growth. As a neck cream is also a good choice, shampoo on the hair tips, can prevent split ends, and the next day you will find that the hair becomes super soft, feels super good!
Seasonal night cream: high price is invalid, it is "it"
Night is the best golden time for skin repair. Using night and sleep time for skin repair and maintenance, it saves time and costs and improves skin care effect. It is really a good thing. But with the wrong night cream, I have been assisting your "loyal minister" for a while and turned into a hostile party. It’s not good enough. I’m afraid that it will add some trouble to you. , let you wait for the repair of the small face repeatedly.
The whitening effect of the evening cream used in the summer is a little far-fetched in the fall. At this time, the choice contains moisturizing ingredients, which can nourish the cuticle, replenish moisture to the stratum corneum and alleviate the troubles caused by the external environment or climate. Night cream with obvious repair effect. These night creams usually contain extracts of essential ingredients such as plants, vitamins and minerals to help the skin maintain a barrier, prevent skin from dehydration, soften the epidermal tissue and promote skin metabolism. Only by improving the skin's own absorption and repairing ability, it is much easier to do whitening and maintenance.
Turn waste into treasure: the season's high-grade night cream is used to protect your Saitama hand! Take it as a hand cream will not have too much greasy feeling, and the efficient maintenance ingredients will also add a lot of brilliance to your second face!

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