October 21, 2021

Application of PVC Floor in Jinan Olympic Sports Center Stadium Project

Discusses the main physical properties of PVC flooring, construction process flow and methods, construction quality and safety precautions, and summarizes the results of the application of this material in the Olympic Sports Center.

First, introduce

1.1 Polyvingl chlorid (PVC) and Polyvingl chlorid (PVC) flooring

The main component of PVC is polyvinyl chloride, which has become one of the most widely used plastics in terms of its characteristics such as excellent corrosion resistance, wear resistance, flame resistance, electrical insulation, and easy processing. Polypropylene (PP), polystyrene (PS) and ABS are collectively referred to as the five general-purpose resins. As the name implies, PVC flooring is mainly produced from polyethylene based raw materials, adding appropriate additives, environmental pigments, and stabilizers. Generally classified according to different categories: according to its structure can be divided into composite floor PVC floor, with the core PVC flooring; according to its shape can be divided into PVC coil floor, PVC block floor; according to the middle layer structure can be divided into hair Foam type PVC floor, compact PVC floor; According to its use function can be divided into household type, commercial type, professional sports type; according to their wear level from high to low in order: T, P, M, F type and other types. Currently, there are many manufacturers of PVC floorboards for production and supply on the market, such as "Mardino", "Pauli", "Dika" and other well-known brands. Domestically, there are also many professional manufacturers in Beijing and Shanghai.


Jinan Olympic Sports Center Stadium

1.2 The main physical properties of PVC flooring

The main physical properties of PVC flooring materials are listed in Table 1 (citing Mondo product performance and technical parameters).

No. project Standard indicators
1 Unit area mass deviation/% Nominal value +13
2 Heat warpage/mm ≤8
3 Residual dent/mm ≤0.35
4 Wear resistance/turn ≥1500
5 Vertical and horizontal heating size change rate /% Portrait Landscape ≤0.40
6 Appearance Do not allow surface cracks, fractures, delamination, allowing slight wrinkles, bubbles, missing prints, lack of film, overprint deviation, color difference, pollution is not obvious, allowing slight pattern deformation
7 Color fastness/degree Blue ≥ 6
Grey ≥3
8 Vertical and vertical peel strength / (N/50mm) ≥100
9 Fire Performance / (DIN4102) CLASS B1
10 Non-slip performance / (DIN51130) grade R9
11 Antistatic / (UNI EN 1815) Antistatic,
12 Anti-fouling properties / (UNI EN 423) Unaffected

Table 1 The main technical parameters of PVC flooring

1.3 Characteristics of PVC Finished Floor

1.3.1 Anti-skid safety

The smooth and flexible PVC floor will produce momentary elastic deformation under the effect of local pressure, so that the surface friction coefficient will increase, so it is difficult to walk.

1.3.2 walking comfort, good sound absorption

Flexible PVC flooring, especially with a composite foam layer floor feel close to the carpet, has good characteristics in sound absorption and reduce noise, generally can absorb sound 10 ~ 20dB.

1.3.3 Maintenance and Cleaning

All the joints of PVC floor adopt hot-melt welding technology to form a seamless connection. The surface is treated with patented antibacterial and anti-pollution treatment. No special care is needed on the surface. Just clean water is used to wipe.

1.3.4 Good wear resistance and pressure resistance

The PVC floor has good dimensional stability, T grade with the highest wear resistance, resistance to the roller, and protection against furniture wear.

1.3.5 good corrosion resistance

PVC flooring has good acid and alkali resistance, and does not react chemically with weak acids, weak bases, and household cleaners.

1.3.6 Environmental Protection

PVC flooring complies with the GB18586-2001 mandatory hazardous substance limit standard.

1.3.7 rich colors and good decoration

PVC flooring has a variety of series, hundreds of colors and patterns, suitable for different decorative needs.

1.3.8 shorten the duration

PVC flooring is mostly coiled, easy to cut, simple in construction science and fast in construction.

1.3.9 Fire Safety

PVC flooring is flame-retardant and its fire performance is B1.

1.3.10 Light weight

PVC flooring is lightweight and lightweight, reducing the load on the building structure. PVC flooring is widely used in offices, nursing homes, hospitals, schools, stadiums, shopping centers, public places, and conferences due to its excellent wear resistance and corrosion resistance, good sound absorption, non-slip surface, flame retardancy, and rich colors. The rooms and private residences create a noble and elegant atmosphere while also providing a high degree of durability and safety.

Second, PVC floor construction process and methods

The Jinan Olympic Sports Center Stadium uses a dense composite PVC coiled floor. The following describes the construction process and method based on the Jinan Olympic Sports Center project. The rest of the PVC ground construction is similar.

2.1 Construction Process:

Grassroots cleaning and inspection → Polishing, repairing → Ground leveling by ruler inspection → Brushing interface agent → Self-leveling construction → Grinding, cleaning process, elastic line separation → Floor cutting pre-shopping → Special glue for floor scraping → Laying flooring → Seam slotting → hot-melt welding → self-test → sanitary cleaning → acceptance.

2.2 The main process construction method

2.2.1 Grassroots Cleaning and Polishing Repair

It is required that the surface of the grass-roots level should be smooth, hard, dry, dense, clean, free of grease and other impurities, and there must be no defects such as pockmarks, sanding, cracks, etc.; the flatness of the grass-roots should be measured with a 2M ruler and a wedge feeler, which should not exceed ±2 mm. Test the base layer with CM moisture tester, moisture content is less than 4%.

If the grassroots inequality is polished with a special concrete floor grinder, when grinding, pay attention to common dry grinding method, and sprinkle water to reduce dust, but there must be no clear water. After the grinding is completed, the grassroots layer should be fully dried to meet the required requirements before the next road. Process construction.

The uneven foundation and partially damaged pits are repaired with special interface agents and self-leveling materials to meet the requirements for design flatness. They must not be arbitrarily grinded with cement slurry or mortar to avoid delamination and skinning.

2.2.2 Self-levelling construction

The base exhibition inspection passed the interface agent brushing, followed by self-leveling construction to ensure that the subsequent PVC surface layer was firmly attached to the self-leveling layer and the flatness of the finished floor surface.

After self-leveling is completed and maintenance is completed, it will be polished again after the completion of the specified age (generally not less than 14 days), and the local flow head scratches will be eliminated. The flatness will be controlled within 3mm to further ensure the quality of finished PVC flooring.

2.2.3 PVC Coil Installation

Before the laying of PVC coils, a reasonable layout design must be carried out. When the boards are laid out, the joints should be designed according to the tight joints. Drawings must be prepared and submitted to the supervisor and the owner for approval.

Before the construction, technical disclosures and special construction plans should be submitted to the end of the construction. Before the large-area pavement, the model construction should be carried out to check the effectiveness of the row and provide a basis for preparation for large-scale construction.

The specific paving method is: according to the pre-designed row chart, the line is marked on the ground, and the line is cut and pre-paved. After the check is correct, the surface layer is rolled up inwards, and the glue is scraped on the ground and followed up. Spread the sheet and lay it flat.

2.2.4 PVC seam joint processing

The PVC coil is indirectly seamed with a special utility knife for slotting, that is, the seam is slit along the seam 2 to 3 (according to the design requirements). The slit width must be uniform and the gap is filled with PVC. The welding wire is tightly welded with a special electric soldering iron and the utility model uses a utility knife to gently remove the protrusion welding wire along the upper surface of the coil material. It can then be cleaned and checked.

Third, quality and safety precautions

3.1 Requirements for construction materials

1. The indicators of self-leveling cement's strength, compressive strength, tensile bond strength, impact strength, etc. must comply with JC/T985-2005 "Cement-based Self-leveling Mortar for Ground Use".

2, the floor adhesive must meet the national mandatory standards GB18583-2001 "interior decoration materials, adhesives harmful substances limit" of the provisions.

3. The interface treatment agent must meet the requirements of the Q/STHG005-2005 standard.

4, the wire must be near-color PVC material wire.

3.2 Other major issues

1. The interior decoration of the floor paving area and adjacent areas is basically completed, and the grass-roots floor needs to be dry, strong and free of debris. As far as possible to avoid cross-operation, finished product protection procedures, workers should wear flat shoes or wear protective footwear during the construction process, to prevent the process of self-leveling base fabric and fabric at random stampede.

2. The construction area should be relatively closed. Facilities such as power distribution, water supply and lighting in the construction area should be prepared in advance. The site should have 380V and 220V power supplies. The sanding tools and paving tools should be connected to the power supply safely.

3, the laying area temperature must not be less than 15 °C.

4. The incoming materials shall be strictly tested for re-examination and acceptance. The stacking of materials shall take effective measures such as protection against rain, moisture, and direct sunlight.

5, the material is generally used in indoor waterless rooms, such as outdoor rain and the area can be used in conjunction with the rubber floor, in order to maintain the consistency of the overall style.

6. During construction, workers should wear personal protective equipment such as masks and gloves, and strictly abide by the construction safety operation rules;

Fourth, engineering application examples and effects



Figure 1 actual renderings

The Jinan Olympic Sports Center Stadium is located on Jingshi East Road in Jinan City. It is a large stadium that can accommodate 60,000 seats for the audience. It is the main venue project built by Shandong Province to host the 11th National Games. This project is Jinan City. The landmark building is also a key project in Shandong Province and has important construction significance. The Mondo PVC membrane material used in the project's indoor ground, corridors, and evacuation halls is used as ground dressing material, with a total area of ​​approximately 60000 m2. After the PVC floor construction is completed, the surface is clean and smooth, the elevation is accurate, the color is the same, the joints are tight, and the personnel walk comfortably. It becomes a highlight in the project quality features, and all visitors from all walks of life express appreciation.

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