September 24, 2020

Application of SOC710 imaging spectrometer in marine environmental science

SOC710 imaging spectrometer is used in marine environmental science. SOC710 is a simple and convenient imaging spectrometer. The Coastal Zone Optical Remote Sensing Laboratory at the University of Connecticut uses SOC710 imaging spectroscopy for marine environmental research, focusing on the spectral camouflage of marine organisms, especially Sargassum fish. SOC710 applied to studies in the field of Marine and Environmental Science The SOC-710 is an affordable, easy to use hyperspectral camera that can be used for ground based applications in the laboratory or out in the field. Brandon Russell, Ph.D. student at the University of Conneticuts Coastal Ocean Lab for Optics and Remote Sensing, explains how the SOC-710 hyperspectral camera is utilized in his study of spectral camoflauge by marine organisms, specifically the sargassum fish.

Table of intent, refers exclusively for the table to eat with. Material can be divided into wood tables, wood tables, marble dining table, marble dining table, marble coffee table, dining table jade, jade dining table, jade coffee table, marble dining table.

Round table

Roundtable if the living room, dining room furniture is square or rectangular, round table diameter increments from 150mm. In most small and medium housing, as with a diameter of 1200mm table, too often too large, it can be customized a diameter of 1140mm the round table, the same can sit 8-9 people, but it looks more spacious space. If the diameter of 900mm above table, although people can sit, but too much should not be placed fixed chair. As the diameter of 1200mm table, put 8 chairs, very crowded. 4-6 can put chairs. In people for a long time, and then folding chairs, folding chairs in storage compartment collection.

Rectangular table

760mmx760mm square table square table and rectangular tables 1070mmx760mm is a common table size. If the chair can be inserted into Zhuodi, even a small corner, you can put a six-seater dining table, dinner, only the need to pull out some of the table on it. 760mm width is standard size table, at least not less than 700mm, otherwise, due to the table when sitting too narrow feet touch each other. Table legs preferably shrink in the middle, if four legs arranged in the four corners, very inconvenient. Table height is generally 710mm, with 415mm seat height. Be lower desktop, when dining, food on the table can be seen more clearly.

Modern Classic Table

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