May 27, 2020

ARC TERYX (Arc'teryx): The Most Outstanding Outdoor Garment Manufacturer in North America Read Full Article >>

ARC TERYX (Arc'teryx): The best outdoor apparel manufacturer in the North American market

Archaeopteryx is Canada's top outdoor brand, and Mountain Hardware also claims to be the best outdoor apparel manufacturer in the North American market. Founded in VANCOUVER, Canada in 1989, Arc'teryx was acquired by the Addidas-Salomon Group in 2002. Subsequently, with the sale of Salomon from the AS Group in 2005 to the AmerSports Group in Finland, Arc'teryx is a subsidiary of Amer's Salomon Group. However, Arc'teryx still maintains its independent operations in Vancouver, although some of its subsidiary products have been moved to places such as New Zealand, Vietnam and China. So far its headquarters, design studios, and major production lines are still in Vancouver. Due to its near-crazy pursuit of new technologies and new technologies, in just a dozen years, it has become a recognized outdoor brand led by North America and even the world, and has a good product in the field of clothing and backpacking. Arc'teryx's product line still involves only outdoor clothing, backpacks and climbing gear today.

Arc'teryx was formerly known as RockSolid and was created by Dave Lane and JeremyGuard. The earliest product was a climbing equipment equipped with Vapor harnesses designed and manufactured using thermocompression technology. This product has also become one of Arc'teryx's most popular products. . The company's second year of operation, with the company's expansion, Arc'teryx launched Bora series backpacks using the same Vapor technology. In 1996, Arc'teryx obtained the authorization of the use of Gore-Tex fabrics by Wolfore, and began production of its brand new outdoor technology apparel line.

Arc'teryx's name and logo are derived from the earliest known bird species, Archaeopteryx, or Archaeopteryx. The imagery is based on the Berlin specimen (HMN1880 Berlin specimen) discovered in Berlin around 1880 and is the most complete archaeopteryx fossil to date. Therefore, Arc'teryx brand Chinese is generally called "Archaeoloph", commonly known as "Bird", "Bird", or "Canada Bird" to distinguish it from the American brand Osprey, American bird that uses the bird logo.

Due to the near-crazy pursuit of new technologies and new processes, and the emphasis on product design and workmanship, Arc'teryx is quickly recognized as one of the most high-end outdoor brands, and also brings a generally high price. The best-selling products in its range of clothing include ThetaSV and GammaMX jackets. Arc'teryx's designs have also received numerous awards from professional outdoor magazines such as Backpacker, Outside, Climbing, Men's Journal, and Powder.

For Arc'teryx, of course, the most colorful is her clothing line. No matter hardshell or softshell, almost every piece can be described by artwork. The function of clothing is perfect, the details are excellent, and it gives outdoor users a full experience. And perfect protection, let us closer to the challenges of nature. From the snow-capped mountains to the rain-drenched grasslands, Arc'teryx can bring you the happiest and essential outdoor experience. However, as far as its current price is concerned, due to its origin and all materials and extreme pursuit of technology and functions, most products are still high-end products in outdoor clothing, even for high-income people in Europe and the United States. is also like this. Some of the current Arc'teryx products have changed, and some of the relatively low-end garments have begun to be produced in China, Vietnam and other places, reducing the corresponding production costs, while not changing its stringent pursuit of quality. For this part of the product, everyone can also use it with confidence.

Due to the wide range of apparel lines and the large number of products that are not sold domestically, we need to give you an intuitive introduction here (of course there are other top brands in the apparel sector. For example, HAGLOFS from Sweden, MAMMUT from Switzerland, France EIDER, MILLET, the US mountain hardwear, etc. also have the same excellent products in the corresponding fields).

ARC TERYX Contact Information: Affiliation: Shanghai Frog Trading Co., Ltd. Tel: 86-21-64700986
Brand Fax: 86-21-64700982
Contact address: Room 601, Huajing Business Building, No. 188, Qinzhou North Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai, China Postal Code: 200030

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