October 21, 2021

Bottle caps actually need market segmentation

In the past, the author has repeatedly referred to the subdivision of plastic bottle packaging. According to the segmentation of different groups of people, the elderly, children, and women, who have distinctive market characteristics, also have a keen interest in packaging. Better meet market demand. However, it seems that we rarely pay attention to the subdivision of bottle caps. The bottle cap industry in the market is indeed not subdivided. The caps of a product are almost the same for children and the elderly.

In fact, in addition to the sealing function, the bottle cap has many other functions. First of all, the bottle cap is an important part of the package. A well-made bottle cap can greatly enhance the appearance of the product. This will help increase the market sales of products, attract more market consumers and increase sales. Subdividing on the bottle cap, according to different consumer groups to carry out the specific design of the appearance, it is clear that more to seize the psychology of these consumers, to win their product recognition. Second, different consumer groups in the use of bottle caps will also have different habits. For example, many bottle caps on the market today use tinplate lids, although the sealing performance is excellent. However, many users of pickles are housewives. Their strength is relatively small, and they often encounter a lot of trouble when they open the caps of pickles. If the bottle cap market is subdivided, the characteristics of housewives are improved. Obviously it will greatly enhance the consumer experience.

Therefore, for bottle cap manufacturers, it is necessary to subdivide the market.

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