May 21, 2019

Brick carton aseptic beverage packaging machine highlights the advantages

In April 2005, the BP250 brick-type carton aseptic beverage packaging machine produced by Nanjing Daxuan Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. was favored by Taiwanese businessmen. After full comparison and inspection, the businessman formally signed a contract with Nanjing Dalei Company. For the first time, Taiwan will have aseptic packaging machines produced in the Mainland.

Brick carton aseptic packaging technology is the high-tech technology in today's beverage filling technology. This technology has long been controlled by a few countries in the world. Aseptic packaging machines in China mainly rely on imports from abroad. In order to break through the monopoly of foreign countries, Nanjing Daxuan Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd., on the basis of drawing upon and integrating the aseptic packaging technology of Germany and the United States, combined its own 20 years of experience in the design of beverage filling machines, developed a filling speed that is suitable for China's national conditions. A new generation of aseptic brick carton beverage packers of 2500-2800 boxes per hour.

The main features of the machine are: the use of hydrogen peroxide spray and high-strength ultraviolet radiation and sterile hot air drying of the composite materials. The molding of the packaging box, the filling of the materials and the sealing after filling are all sterile with positive pressure conditions. The interior is completed, thus assuring the asepsis of the packaging materials and equipment, so that the UHT sterilized fruit juice beverage has a shelf life of one year at room temperature. In addition, the aircraft's PLC, photoelectric, pneumatic, solenoid valve, vacuum system, liquid level control, sterile room, etc. are used in Germany, Japan and other countries' famous brands, the whole machine is made of stainless steel, beautiful appearance, easy to operate.

Source: China Baolian Information Center

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