January 16, 2021

Brief introduction of foam printing process

Foam printing refers to a printing method in which microsphere foaming ink is printed on paper or fabric through screen printing and heated to obtain raised pictures or braille readings. The picture and text have a good stereoscopic effect, which is mainly suitable for product decoration, book and magazine framing, braille reading, clothing printing, etc. The specific printing process is as follows, manuscript production-screen printing-foam printing-hot stamping-finished product.

Manuscript production: The computer designs and produces the required graphics and texts, and prints them on the transfer paper or transparent film by a laser printer to be plated.

Production of screen: use 80 ~ 120 mesh screen, water-based photosensitive offset, and then use the prepared manuscript to place on the plate making machine to compact the photosensitive Wei U version.

Printing foaming ink: rub the desired color with foaming paste, and then print on the substrate to be dried and wait for hot stamping.

Hot stamping: There are several hot stamping methods, one is hot stamping with a heat press machine, and the other is hot stamping with an iron. The temperature of the two hot stamping methods is controlled at 120 ~ 140 ℃. The ink layer is raised. It should be noted that, when hot stamping, a flannel should be placed on the printed object to turn over the back of the hot stamping. It takes only a few seconds, too long time will affect the effect of bulging.

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