October 22, 2021

Brief introduction of the difference between incubator and drying oven

The incubator has two-way temperature regulation system for cooling and heating, and the temperature controllable function is scientific research for plants, biology, microbiology, genetics, viruses, medicine, environmental protection, etc. It is an indispensable laboratory equipment for teaching and research. It is widely used in low temperature constant temperature. Tests, culture tests, environmental tests, etc. The scope will be broader, mainly to cultivate some bacteria, microorganisms, seeds and so on.

Drying box, as its name implies, acts as a high-temperature drying, sterilizing and constant temperature. The drying box is suitable for industrial and mining enterprises, schools, medical and scientific research units, etc. When setting up the experiment, it will set the required high temperature and time, so that the sample is in Quick drying in the time of the set.

The incubator is suitable for environmental protection, sanitation and epidemic prevention, drug testing, agriculture, livestock, aquatic products and other research, colleges and production departments, water body analysis and 800 determination, special constant temperature for cultivation, preservation, plant cultivation and breeding experiments of bacteria, mold and microorganisms. device.

The drying oven can reach a high temperature of 250 ° C, 300 ° C or even 400 ° C, 500 ° C, 1000 ° C, and the incubator is generally up to 60 degrees, and there is a humidity requirement, because it has to cultivate some microorganisms, it must meet the conditions for their growth, Sometimes it is necessary to equip the compressor to achieve a low temperature to meet the need for lower temperature sampling. The drying oven does not require any humidity, and there is no need for low temperature. Some of the incubators also need to be illuminated. The above is the main difference between the incubator and the drying oven.

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