September 18, 2021

Buying plastic bottles with caution

Visit: There is a safety hazard in some brand-name plastic milk bottles on the market

The reporter recently visited several major shopping malls in the urban area and found that most of the bottles in the mall were plastic milk bottles. In a mall in Jiangbei District, the reporter saw that all plastic milk bottles are manufactured by regular manufacturers. The plastic milk bottles are marked with the material of the product and marked as food-grade non-toxic PC materials. The usage methods and notes are also described in detail. matter. However, reporters at the Jiangbei Sanxin Market in the city discovered that some miscellaneous brand plastic milk bottles have problems such as the softness of the milk bottle, opaque bottle, and blurred scale. Even some bottle bottles' printing patterns are easy to discolor and there are hidden safety problems.

According to the staff of the Municipal Quality Measurement Supervision and Testing Institute, there are two main types of bottle production materials on the market: glass and PC. PC is an odorless, non-toxic, highly transparent colorless or yellowish thermoplastic engineering plastics, commonly known as space glass, which is characterized by light weight, non-friable, resistant to corrosion of various solvents. "The color patterns of certain inferior bottles may release lead and other heavy metals, and parents should purchase them carefully," the staff member said.

Reminder: According to the product material and instructions for use to buy plastic bottles

“Because the manufacturers of plastic milk bottles are not the same and the sales channels are diverse, consumers are advised to choose from several aspects when purchasing such products,” said the staff of the municipal quality measurement supervision and inspection institute.

The staff member suggested that when parents buy plastic bottles, they should first go to the regular store to purchase, because the regular shops strictly control the quality of the products they sell. At the same time, products can be purchased according to the materials and instructions for use on the outer packaging of the product. Products with smooth appearance, uniform color, no impurities, and high transparency should be selected. Generally good bottle transparency is very good, can clearly see the contents of the content and status, the bottle is best not to have too many too colorful patterns and colors, you can also hand-paste the bottle, choose high hardness products and no odor product.

"Also choose a suitable caliber." The staff member said that it is understood that the caliber of the bottle is divided into standard caliber and wide caliber. When the baby sucks, the lips will stand on the base of the pacifier. In order to increase their acceptance, the children's product designer designs a wide-calibre nipple, and the use of such a nipple must be matched with a wide-caliber baby bottle.

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