May 21, 2019

Comparison of Color Laser Transfer and Traditional Transfer Mode (Part 2)

1) The color laser transfer can be transferred on the cotton fabric. Although the inkjet transfer can be transferred on the cotton fabric, there is a thick film on the image and the film is easily broken. The transfer color fastness is general. Although the sublimation transfer printing feel better, but the substrate is limited to polyester fabric containing chemical composition, and can only be transferred on the white substrate. The color laser transfer is not only limited in the substrate, but also can transfer the image on a dark color fabric.

2) Color laser transfer achieves the technical requirements for textile printing. The printing quality of the transfer color is reliable: all the inspection indexes such as light fastness, washing fastness, fastness to perspiration, fastness to rubbing, fastness to dry cleaning and the like all meet the inspection standards of the Japan Textile Inspection Association. .

3) Color laser transfer security, environmental protection: does not contain any harmful components to the human body, can be used for color printing of infant clothing. It complies with the legal provisions of the Ministry of Health and Welfare of Japan regarding the safety regulations for infants and young children.

4) No special coating treatment is required before color laser transfer and transfer. It can be used for thermal transfer directly on various metal plates, tiles, plastic plates, wood and other hard materials.

(3) Market Prospects for Color Laser Transfer: The key to the quality of color laser image transfer is dedicated color laser transfer paper. As the world's first color laser printing system developed by the German company McGinti company's current service network in more than 50 countries and regions in the world, in March 2005 in China specifically established the group's representative company in China - McGinnitt. (China) Co., Ltd. is committed to promoting color laser image transfer technology to Chinese customers, selling color laser transfer paper and related transfer equipment and consumables. Currently, for the matching, imaging and transfer effects of color laser printers and transfer papers, after long-term testing of the company concluded that Epson's color laser printer is the best choice. Color laser printers were originally designed and produced for production of office documents. The successful development of color laser transfer papers has added a whole new field of application for color laser printers. The use of color laser transfer paper to realize textile fabrics and metal plates, etc. Color transfer printing on the surface of various objects. Due to color laser transfer products in the color fastness and many other indicators to meet the professional requirements of textile printing, so that the technology not only in the personalized product processing, and for the textile printing industry in T-shirts and other textile printing industry to open the way, For people to reveal the future development direction of digital transfer printing in this field.

In summary, due to the true color reproduction, high definition and high color fastness of color laser transfer printing, this technology has become possible in the industrial application of textile printing and other industries. Color laser transfer has been gradually popularized in China since 2004, creating favorable conditions for the promotion of this technology in China. Using this technology, the printing speed is quick and there is no limit on the amount of printing, which can be a useful supplement for traditional screen printing. With the further development of computer technology, the development prospect of this technology is infinitely bright.

At present, Epson's A4-format color laser printers are less than 4,000 yuan each (which can be used as office equipment), and domestic hot presses are also under 4,000 yuan. The most simple transfer system investment can be controlled within 10,000 yuan. This technology is in line with young people's pursuit of fashion demand. At present, the system has been widely used in more than 50 countries in the world. Due to its small investment and obvious economic benefits, it has been widely proven to be one of the most successful personal entrepreneurial and business development projects in the world today. .

Source: McGint (Tianjin) Technology Development Co., Ltd.

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