August 10, 2020

Daren teaches you the most popular cosmetics online shopping

Recently, with the two big films of "Du Lala Promotion" and "Alice in Wonderland", "Dura La" and "Alice" have quickly reached the forefront in the fashion industry, almost leading this summer. The latest trend in beauty and beauty. Many people on this May Day holiday have to travel, and netizens who are chasing avant-garde fashions say that they should be as beautiful and beautiful as Du Lala, wearing a romantic bohemian dress and painting a beautiful make-up. Indulge yourself in your own sunshine holiday... Of course, if you want to show off the most fashionable makeup in countless envious eyes, you must first make an online shopping expert who is good at exploring popular passwords, in order to collect the most popular online this summer. "Dura La" or "Alice" dream makeup.

Sophie is a typical foreign company that pursues fashion and loves quality life. It has been obsessed with online shopping for four years. She has been shopping for countless achievements, especially for the fashion trend of cosmetics. The strategy for online shopping cosmetics is absolutely OK. , attracted many colleagues and girlfriends to come to learn. Recently, Sophie has shown off to a good friend a brand-name cosmetics that he just patted on the net: Dior's new travel make-up tray, Lancome smart pleasure white travel suit, Avene refreshing Spf50 sunscreen... It turned out that these popular makeup skin care products this summer are the "secret weapons" that she prepared for the May Day outing, which made the girls in the office greatly envious. Under the question of everyone, Sophie showed her private cheats for online shopping cosmetics.

Sophie revealed that these "secret weapons" for the May 1st trip are all from the recently launched May 1 theme store of Tencent's "QQ Mall". The reporter landed on the pat network and found that QQ Mall is a high-end store that sells high-quality products in the pat network. It not only collects many authentic brand-name cosmetics such as Estee Lauder, Lancome, Clinique, etc., but also sells new products in the season and synchronizes offline. timely. For example, QQ Mall recently launched the "May 1 Grand Tour" theme event, for the fashion MM who intends to travel beautifully prepared a variety of different brands of skin care products makeup travel suit, attracting a lot of white-collar friends like Sophie welcome. “Every time I visit QQ Mall, it’s like starting a surprise journey. Anyway, I can definitely find what I want!” Sophie said happily. In QQ Mall, this colorful and exquisite store always makes it easy for her to find herself. A tacit understanding of fashion items, enjoy the satisfaction and achievements of shopping shopping.

It is understood that QQ Mall was only open to QQ members, and it is famous for its low price and strict screening of merchants. It is deeply loved by QQ members. Starting from March of this year, QQ Mall has been fully upgraded, and all QQ users can enjoy the high-quality brand products recommended in the mall and enjoy a large discount. Now, let's go to Sophie to go to this trendy shopping mall and discover the popular passwords for makeup this summer!