October 21, 2021

"Designer + store" or into the mainstream of imported furniture market

Purchasing websites, designers, buyers... In recent years, all kinds of emerging channels have appeared in the field of imported furniture, and consumers' choices seem to have changed a lot. Recently, the imported furniture market is no longer as prosperous as it was in previous years. How will traditional distributors break through in the face of competition from other channels?

The development of imported furniture market is rational

"Business is not good, the order volume of our stores has been very unsatisfactory this year." An imported furniture salesperson in a well-known home store in Beijing told the Beijing Evening News Home Weekly.

"In fact, the imported furniture market is not suddenly cold from this year. As a downstream industry in the real estate market, the home market is volatility along with the real estate market." The French home in the imported furniture market for more than 20 years. District President Li Wanli said.

“We started to sell imported furniture products in Lufthansa Shopping Mall in 1992. At that time, Beijing’s imported furniture market was almost zero, and the audience was very narrow. Later, around 2000, the imported furniture market began to prosper, but since 2012 After the Beijing real estate market shrank, the imported furniture market began to struggle."

According to Li Wanli, the changes in the imported furniture market did not happen overnight. This change has gone through a long period of time. "From the sales performance list, there will be peaks now. After all, compared to 20 years ago, the overall size of China's economic market is much larger than today, but the market is indeed not as good as the previous years."

Is the imported furniture market really difficult to start again? In this regard, He Hongyi, director and general manager of Baiqiang Furniture, gave such an answer. “Our company sells both imported furniture and domestically produced furniture. If only from the data point of view, domestically produced furniture does occupy the main position in our company's sales share.”

However, He Hongyi emphasized that the argument that it is in a quagmire is not very accurate. Although the overall environment of the imported furniture market is currently sluggish, after all, the consumer groups in this part of the market are relatively fixed, only to find the quasi-consumer demand, and the enterprise can win orders. “In the first half of this year, sales of our imported furniture increased by 38% year-on-year.”

“Many people now say that the imported furniture market is in a downturn, but they have neglected one point: the development of the spurt in the imported furniture market in the past few years is actually not normal.” Liu Wanyou, general manager of Beijing Blue Morning Home Jewelry Co., Ltd. said that today’s imports The furniture market has undergone great changes in the consumption structure. If some consumers in the past bought “show off”, then most consumers now buy “enjoy”. More and more people are slowly recognizing the value behind imported furniture brands and are beginning to appreciate the culture and lifestyle behind each of the classical (classic decoration renderings) furniture.

“Designer + Marketplace” will become the new mainstream

In recent years, diversified channels such as purchasing websites, designers, and buyers have gradually entered the imported furniture market, and together with the traditional dealers who opened stores in the store, they have supported the imported furniture market today.

What is a buyer? Baidu Encyclopedia shows: Buying a hand is a cutting-edge career in fashion, originated in Europe, is the organization, collocation, procurement, adjustment of the sales of goods in the clothing, shoes, hats, jewelry, furniture and other industries. , the core of the supplement. They often travel to and from the world, master large quantities of information and orders, keep in touch with various suppliers, and organize some sources of supply to meet the needs of various consumers.

“I have met several consumers before. They chose to go abroad to buy furniture, but later found a series of problems after the sale. Because there is no measurement of the size, so we need to return the goods remotely, and then toss for a long time to solve the problem. In Li Wanli's view, unlike clothing, furniture products have high unit prices and heavy experience. It is difficult to complete the purchase process at one time, so buying abroad will cause unnecessary trouble. The purchasing website is also facing the same problem. Whether the products sold are fidelity is not mentioned, but it does not really lack the customer experience process.

Liu Xia, Marketing Director of LUXURY LIVING GROUP in China, said that although buyers are more popular in developed countries such as Europe and the United States, they are still very rare in China. At present, the most popular purchase mode in the domestic imported furniture market is “designer + store”.

“Imported furniture is an important part of high-end home, and high-end homes should be a design-driven industry, because consumers who buy high-end homes need culture and taste design, but they are not well controlled. Therefore, the designer needs help. In addition, the special feature of home products is that without a staged experience process, it is difficult to determine which product is right for you."

Therefore, in Liu Xia's view, the future "designer + store" model is likely to become a new trend. “Where the designer helps the owner to design the overall living room, it provides consumers with a feasible reference to tell the consumer which style of imported furniture is more suitable for the overall design style of their living room, and then bring the owner to the store for the purchase experience.”

Traditional channels need to rely on added value to win

The market environment is in a downturn, and there are many channels such as purchasing websites, designers, and buyers. Does the dealers of traditional channels face disadvantages in the face of low-price competition?

In Liu Wanyou's view, the competition in the imported furniture market is not as fierce as it seems.

“As a traditional dealer, what we rely on is trust.” Li Wanli said that whether the product is fidelity and whether the design has vitality is the basic component of trust, and both of these require time to consider. . Therefore, in his view, if you want to stand firm in the imported furniture market, the most needed is time, and this is precisely what newcomers do not have.

“I don’t mean that emerging channels such as purchasing websites are not feasible, but they need some time for consumers to test them.” Li Wanli believes that the most important point that traditional channels can give consumers is always experience.

In addition, the brand value of some imported furniture is incomparable, and design value is the most important part of brand value, which covers both product design and interior design.

Recently, the European top portable designer Michele De Lucchi designed the Vegan series for the Italian furniture manufacturer Riva 1920. The design is inspired by “a piece of fish bone, a tangled branch, a bone or an organic form”. This product is representative of a refined lifestyle. What is behind the product design is the attitude of loving life, upholding individuality and respecting quality. And this is the brand's interpretation of product design.

Let's talk about interior design. “Many of the world's top imported furniture brands can provide customers with tailor-made overall design solutions. Domestic customers also have the opportunity to meet face-to-face with internationally renowned interior designers and tailor the overall design.” Liu Wanyou said that foreign designers are The work is very rigorous, they will not do the design beyond the customer's budget, and they do not agree with the waste, so their design is generally based on the premise of environmental protection, economy, and controllable amount.

MOISSONNIER, the top French classical furniture brand represented by the blue morning, was originally in the decoration of the model house of the North Fourth Ring of the House of the North. The designer of the brand personally came to guide the construction, and only one model room was used for a total of four. In the month, it is not the low level of technical skills of the workers, but the French designers are very strict. "It's also blue, it doesn't work in dark blue, it doesn't work in light blue. It must be a blue color with just enough color. If the workers are not good, the designer will come in person." Liu Wanyou said that they have very strict design requirements for the overall living room. High, every detail is perfect.

“Consumers come to the model room and feel a pure French romance. It is a kind of enjoyment. In this experience, I am afraid that only dealers with traditional channels can give consumers.” Liu Wanyou believes that nowadays In the market environment, in the face of competition from other channels, this brand value added from design is an irreplaceable advantage of traditional dealers.

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