October 26, 2020

Drop test machine advantage

Drop test machine advantage

The drop test machine is used to test the degree of damage to the product when it is dropped from different heights, and can be used to test larger size packages: the open structure design of the fork drop test machine with unlimited height and width, which can carry out large sizes The drop test of the package makes the test range wider.

The buffer device ensures that the swing arm is in place smoothly during the experiment, reducing the failure rate and personnel injury rate. This device can perform multiple drop tests in a short period of time, saving test time and improving work efficiency.

The product can be tested in multiple directions such as face angle, edge, etc., to accurately detect the damage degree of the product at different heights, and the control device has a certain position away from the test platform and the drop.

The product structure design is reasonable, while ensuring its function, it is visually beautiful, ergonomically designed, the equipment is easy and safe to operate, and the drop test machine is a good choice for testing the damage of the product such as falling

Convenient folding for long battery life.

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