September 18, 2021

Environmental knowledge about trees

The world's forest resources are declining. In order to protect trees and protect forests, the key is to reduce the deforestation of forest trees. Sowing green is the hope of planting. In learning, we should try to save stationery and eliminate waste. Pencils are made of wood and waste. A pencil is equal to destroying the forest.

We must protect flowers and trees, not destroy urban greening, and actively participate in greening and tree planting activities. Forests are a major part of the ecosystem that human beings depend on for survival. There were 7.6 billion hectares of forest on Earth, which fell to 5.5 billion hectares by the end of this century, and by 1976 it had been reduced to 2.8 billion hectares. Due to the growth of the world's population, the increasing demand for arable land, pastures and timber has led to excessive logging and reclamation of forests, which has caused unprecedented damage to forests. According to statistics, about 12 million hectares of forests disappear every year in the world, and the vast majority of them are tropical rainforests that are vital to the global ecological balance. The damage to tropical rainforests mainly occurs in developing countries in the tropics, especially in Brazil. The Amazon forest ranks first in the world's tropical rainforests. However, by the early 1990s, the forest coverage rate in this area was 11% lower than the original, equivalent to 700,000 square kilometers. On average, there is almost one football field every 5 seconds. The forest disappeared. In addition, tropical rain forests in the Asia-Pacific region and Africa are also being destroyed.

The best home treadmills are sized for convenience, powered by strong motors and outfitted with just the right features for workout guidance and entertainment. They`re versatile to meet different family members` fitness needs and are quiet enough to operate without disturbing your household. 

Its handlebars are equipped with heart-rate sensors. The left handlebar have start/off key,and  right handlebar have speed +-key.Treadmill also has compatibility with App system.User can monitor the console through Ipad or Iphone.It is popular item currently.


You can adjust the treadmill`s incline anywhere just at the touch of a button.

With a 15% power ramp, you can run or jog on a surface as steep and similar to hill terrains. This is so much better than flat-track running as it helps you strengthen your muscles and enhance your metabolism.


This motor keeps the machine running smoothly without a wobble even when training sessions are extended.




· Sturdy, quiet and smooth-operating motor

· Higher quality and wider belt as well as better warranty.

· Adjustable FlexSelect cushioning is exceptionally comfortable and can absorb most shocks.

· Built-in tablet holder and accessory tray, and a foldable design.

· Multi-purpose training machine

· Affordable price.


· Assembly is quite difficult if done alone.

· The fan and console`s angles are irregular. If staying at the middle of the belt, you cannot perfectly see the screen and the fan cannot reach you too.

· The screen of your running data during your run can`t be cleared.

· If you play music via the treadmill, it often comes with a loud beep when you change speed or incline.

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