July 25, 2021

Exquisite living and fine apartment with small apartment wardrobe

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] Modern and simple small apartment, use color to create a sense of fashion, design functional areas according to the characteristics of space, so that the embryo room can instantly become a charming apartment, this 50-flat small apartment, through the designer's wonderful hand, gives An extremely warm feeling, the bar and the study are combined, the bedroom is packed and practical, and it is full of youth, trend and sunshine.

Apartment decoration design

Design focus : fashion city study room

Case Comment : The open public space has the functions of a study and a restaurant bar. The white table and the white wall are integrally formed. The desk and the bar table are connected. Under the indirect lighting, the lines and colors are obviously simple and stylish.

Apartment wardrobe storage

Design focus : straighten the living room

Case Comments : The white culture stone wallpaper of the horizontal strip adds a three-dimensional rich expression to the natural touch. On the other side, the straight-striped wallpaper is used to straighten the sense of space. The clock with the interesting art is on the top, and the theme of the wall is more vital.

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