May 21, 2019

German company launches silicone fabric softener

According to foreign media reports, Klein Germany launched a new durable nano-fabric softener in the market. This new type of fabric softener is different from the now-developed macroemulsion and microemulsion with amino silicone (silicone) softener. Generally, the particle size of silicone coarse emulsion is greater than 150 nanometers and the microemulsion is 50 millimeters. Micron to 150 nanometers, and the new fabric softener particle size is reduced to 10 nanometers, so that the inner layer of the fabric can be soft and give the fabric a unique cool, natural and dry feel. This super soft silicone additive can reduce the friction coefficient of the fiber, increase the resiliency, reduce the rigidity of the chemical bond of the fiber, the hysteresis effect of bending, and the shear resistance. In addition, it reduces the energy loss of the fiber when it is sheared.

It is reported that nano-silicone fabric softeners are weakly cationic, suitable for a variety of fibers, and nanoemulsions can remain completely stable over a wide pH range. For printing and dyeing companies, nano-fabric softeners can be used for white or dyed fabrics, without any effect on the whiteness of fabrics obtained by finishing with conventional fluorescent whitening agents. From the point of view of apparel manufacturing companies, one of the major advantages of nanoemulsion-based fabric softeners compared to conventional emulsions and microemulsions of conventional silicone softeners is that such nanoemulsions have very little effect on the seam slippage of fabrics. From the consumer's point of view, the uniqueness of nano-silicone fabric softeners is that they are hydrophilic even after repeated washings and have antistatic properties. In addition, this softener can also impart stain resistance to various fabrics.


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