September 18, 2021

Hainan huanghuali VS Vietnamese huanghuali

Hainan huanghuali is unsustainable because of the government protection. The old material is also facing the situation of excavation, so what is the status of Vietnamese huanghuali that is often used by profiteers to pretend to be Hainan huanghuali?

In fact, in Vietnam, the resource known as the Vietnamese huanghuali is not optimistic. Now the wood of Vietnamese huanghuali has risen to nearly 100,000/ton, while the plate is more expensive, and the better is sold. To 200,000 / ton, the current trend of rising should be very bullish, from this point is enough to see the tension of Vietnam's huanghuali resources. At present, some of them refer to the Vietnamese huanghuali wood. In fact, the "fragrant wood" imported from Laos is not produced locally from Vietnam. The texture, color, texture and so on are much worse than those produced in Vietnam.

Regrettably, there is no official registration of Vietnamese huanghuali in the world. Therefore, this kind of tree always has the problem of the accuracy of naming. The Chinese Redwood Standard calls it “Vietnamese fragrant wood”, and people are more willing to call it "Vietnamese huanghuali". So, what is the relationship between Vietnamese huanghuali and Hainan huanghuali? Let us first look at it from a biological perspective.

The scientific name of Hainan huanghuali is “Hainan fragrant yellow sandalwood”, which is a tree species of the genus Dalbergia, which is a precious tree growing in Hainan, China. Vietnam huanghuali is like the above, there is no accurate official classification and name. However, if the structure of the two kinds of wood is analyzed microscopically, the result may not accurately distinguish the two kinds of wood. The authoritative Chinese forestry department can only tell you that they are all fragrant wood. Therefore, some people say that these two kinds of trees are the same species, but because of different growth environments, their texture, thickness, pattern, aroma, etc. are different. Although this statement lacks sufficient evidence to support it, its environment The factors are indeed real, because even Hainan huanghuali will have differences in appearance and texture due to different geographical locations, so there is a share of avocado and avocado in Hainan huanghuali. The experienced Li people even have a more detailed classification based on experience.

For how to distinguish between Hainan huanghuali and Vietnamese huanghuali, it can be said that there is a lot of difference. The basic popular saying is that it is distinguished by the pattern, color, texture, aroma, and the color of the woody water, etc., but ignores an important one. The fact is that none of the above is enough to distinguish them accurately. Let me carefully talk to my friends about some of my own feelings:

1. Color: The reason why Hainan huanghuali received the love of literati in the Ming Dynasty is that the color and pattern of Hainan huanghuali match their aesthetics. Specifically, it is a word: “雅”, neither Noisy will not be too quiet, the movement is stable, the elegance is light, and the white is the combination of lively and calm. Therefore, as long as you look at the various colors of Hainan huanghuali, look at the various colors of Vietnamese huanghuali, basically you can distinguish between 7 and 8. In summary, the color of Hainan huanghuali is slightly calmer than that of Vietnamese huanghuali. The overall color is dark red, while the color of Vietnamese huanghuali is much more active. The overall color is brighter orange.

2, pattern: the same as the color mentioned above, the pattern of Hainan huanghuali is also part of its "elegant", the texture is irregular, but it is not messy, the ink line is black and pure, the contrast is small, the pattern The feeling of flowing water gives people a flowing beauty. The Vietnamese huanghuali pattern is less than the Hainan huanghuali “Ya”, but it is more rough, the ink line is darker, the landscape is more common, and the contrast is relatively large, giving a bright and beautiful feeling.

3, texture: Regarding the texture, many friends said that the Vietnamese huanghuali wood is rough, but the actual situation is not all. There are many fine textures in Vietnamese huanghuali. The heavy submersible is natural, and the brown eyes are very fine, even more than a lot of Hainan huanghuali. Of course, the texture of Hainan huanghuali is good, and the texture of Vietnamese huanghuali is so good. Therefore, the above two points are removed, and the wood is not distinguished well.

4, aroma: this judgment is very subjective, the Hainan huanghuali spicy fragrance that is often circulated, the Vietnamese huanghuali sour and fragrant is very difficult to apply in practice, first, the raw materials change with the time and conditions of the placement; The scent of huanghua pears from different regions is also different. Even if the same Hainan or Vietnamese huanghua pears have different growth locations, the scent is different. But in general, their scent can still be measured by "elegant". Hainan huanghuali is not very rich in flavor, mostly elegant and gentle, while Vietnamese huanghua pear has a light scent and a rare scent. But it is more intense. Another point is that the fragrance of Hainan huanghuali is light, but it takes a long time to scent. The bracelet that is put in a clean hand will smell the faint fragrance after a week. Vietnamese huanghuali will not smell anything.

5. Sawdust soaking water: I don't know where this statement comes from, but I personally think this method is the most unreliable. I don't know if friends use the wood chips of Hainan huanghua pear to soak the water. In any case, the color should be If it is green, it is extremely far-fetched. Whether it is Hainan huanghuali or Vietnamese huanghuali, the color of the woody water is basically yellowish, which is similar to the color of the freshly brewed flower tea. If you want to say that there is a green ingredient, it depends on the actual feeling of each person. The color of the water is deep and shallow, but according to the depth, it is impossible to distinguish them accurately.

6. Fluorescence: The difference in tannin content in wood causes their fluorescence perception to be different. Statistically speaking, the fluorescence of Hainan huanghuali is stronger than that of Vietnamese huanghuali, but this is all from the whole. If you want to compare the pieces of wood and a piece of Hainan huanghuali It is obviously meaningless to have a strong fluorescent effect on the wood of Vietnamese huanghuali. Good Vietnamese materials can still compare some of Hainan's materials at this point. Obviously, this is tantamount to our buyers.

Therefore, the best way to compare them is to look at them, see more, and get started. Without a certain amount of experience, it seems difficult to accurately distinguish them by limited differences.

But it can't be said that Vietnamese huanghuali is a defective product. They are just the same tree species grown in different places. Just like you can't compare Hainan huanghuali and pine, the fate of Vietnamese huanghuali is not used to pretend to be Hainan huanghuali. The reason why its status is rather embarrassing is because of the impersonation of unscrupulous businessmen. Compared with Hainan huanghuali, we can see Vietnam huanghuali alone. We will find that it is an excellent wood like Hainan huanghuali. Its water content, radial, axial shrinkage and deformation degree are very suitable. Used to make high-end furniture. Of course, the performance of its color and pattern will be different because of the different aesthetics of each person, but it is not the fault of Vietnamese huanghuali. It is not because of subjective preferences that the judgment of Vietnam’s huanghuali is “not worth the money”. . The better the yellow, the absolute is no less than the sea yellow. We should not be confused by the hype of some people. In the Ming and Qing Dynasties, a large part of the wood is yellower. In fact, both sea yellow and yellow are good. The yellower is also top grade, and it is very intriguing. Therefore, the assessment of good or bad can not be determined whether it is sea yellow or yellow.

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