May 21, 2019

Ink Printing Common Failure Analysis - Paste

4. Paste

Phenomenon and reason: When the paste version is unclear, the dot lines are enlarged, and the neighboring dots are merged with each other, so that the printed ink is dark and thick and the layers are reduced. The reasons for stencil are: In addition to the fact that the syrup is too light, the pressure of the roller is too large, and the blanket is too loose, the common causes of ink are as follows:

1) The ink is adjusted too thin, the texture is too loose, the cohesion is small, and it is easy to spread outwards, resulting in the expansion of dots and lines.

2) When the amount of ink is large, and it exceeds the amount of ink that can be accommodated by the layout pattern, it spreads out to cause a paste.

3) The ink pigment is too thick or too heavy, and the transfer performance of the linking material is reduced, resulting in a blocking dot on the reprinted surface. On the other hand, because the particles are too thick, the fine mesh can not accommodate but expand outwards, and at the same time, the friction on the plate surface is increased, which destroys the hydrophilic properties of the empty portions and makes them fat-sensitive, causing the adjacent mesh points to merge and paste.

4) The weight of the ink is heavy, so that the empty part of the layout is fat-sensitive and a paste is produced. If too much auxiliary material is added to the ink, the viscosity of the ink can be reduced, the ink becomes loose, and the oiliness of the ink increases, resulting in a paste plate.
5) The ink accumulates on the plate, blocking the gaps in the dots, expanding the lines, and causing stencils.

1) ink paste version is common in gold and red ink, can be appropriate in the bucket add some gum arabic, you can also use 915 Wei Li oil and 05-93 light pulp diluted by half, the use of good results, the majority of the ink due to too thin The resulting paste is too thin, resulting in a new version of the ink or an appropriate thickening of the ink.
2) When the ink is large, the color of the ink can be adjusted to reduce the amount of ink.
3) Reduce the use of auxiliary materials such as Kangbang for controlling paste.
4) The stencil caused by the buildup is resolved from the root cause of the build.

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