May 27, 2020

Inkjet Printer Common Faults and Removal Methods

In office equipment, inkjet printers are more commonly used. Inkjet printers often have some problems due to their use, maintenance, improper work, etc. How to solve them is a concern for users. Here, we will summarize the common faults and handling methods in our daily work and hope to help everyone.

Common faults:

The ink is scarcely printed during printing, and the handwriting is indistinguishable. Most of the malfunctions are due to the printer being unused for a long time or for other reasons, causing the ink delivery system to be blocked or the nozzles to be blocked.

Excluded method: If the nozzle is not blocked very much, then directly perform the cleaning operation on the printer. If there is still no effect after multiple cleanings, you can remove the ink cartridge (for non-integrated printer nozzles, you need to take off the nozzle, but need to be careful), soak the nozzle in warm water for a while, be careful not to put the circuit board Some of them are also immersed in water, otherwise the consequences can be disastrous. Use absorbent paper to remove the dripping water droplets, and then clean the nozzle several times.

Common faults II:

After the replacement of a new ink cartridge, the "ink out" light on the panel is turned on when the printer is turned on.

Under normal circumstances, the "ink out" light will be on when the ink has run out. After the replacement of the new ink cartridge, the "Ink Out" light on the printer's front panel is still on. This failure may occur. First, the ink cartridge may not be installed properly. Another possibility is to remove the old cartridge and turn it off when it is turned off. Ink cartridges. Because the printer will charge the ink delivery system after the ink cartridge is replaced again, this process will not work in the off state, so that the printer cannot detect the reinstalled ink cartridge. In addition, some printers measure the ink volume by using an electronic counter inside the printer (especially for the statistics of the amount of color ink used). When the counter reaches a certain value, the printer determines that the ink has run out. During the ink cartridge replacement process, the printer resets its internal electronic counter to confirm that a new ink cartridge is installed.

Solution: Turn on the power and move the print head to the cartridge replacement position. After the ink cartridge is installed, let the printer charge the ink. After the ink filling process is completed, troubleshoot the problem.

Common fault three:

Soft nozzle treatment

The plug of soft plug refers to the disconnection fault caused by the large viscosity of the ink on the nozzle due to various reasons. Generally used original ink cartridges can be restored after multiple cleanings, but this method is too wasteful of ink. The easiest way is to use the empty ink cartridge in your hand to clean the nozzle. Before cleaning with an empty cartridge, use a syringe to remove the remaining ink in the cartridge as much as possible, the cleaner the better, and then add the cleaning solution (sold in the accessories market). When the cleaning fluid is filled, it should be carried out in a clean environment. The cartridge with the cleaning fluid should be used according to the printer's normal operation, and it should be cleaned continuously by pressing the printer's cleaning button. Use the light color of the residual ink in the cartridge to mix with the cleaning fluid to perform the test. After the cartridge is replaced with a good one, it can be used.

Common faults four:

Troubleshooting the cleaning nozzle of the printer

There are many problems with the printer's cleaning nozzle, and it is also one of the main factors causing plugging. The printer cleaning nozzle plays a decisive role in the protection of the printer nozzle. After the nozzle trolley is returned to position, the nozzle should be weakly pumped by the cleaning pump nozzle to seal and protect the nozzle. When the printer installs a new ink cartridge or the nozzle is broken, the suction pump at the lower end of the machine will pump the air through the nozzle. The higher the precision of the nozzle, the better. However, in actual use, its performance and airtightness may be reduced due to prolonged time, increase of residual solids in the mouth of dust and ink. If the user does not check or clean it often, it will cause your printer head to malfunction.

To maintain this part, remove the upper cover of the printer, remove the trolley, and inhale the pure water with a needle to rinse it. In particular, clean the micro-hole gaskets in the mouth. Here, we must remind users that when cleaning this part, do not use ethanol or methanol to clean it. This will cause dislocation and deformation of the microporous gasket embedded in this component. In addition, the inkjet printer should be kept away from the high temperature and dust working environment as much as possible. Only a good working environment can guarantee the long-term normal use of the machine.

Common fault five:

The process of detecting the normal ink line and significantly worsening the printing accuracy

In use, the ink jet printer gradually deteriorates in print accuracy due to the number of uses and the prolonged time. Inkjet printer heads also have a lifetime. Usually a new nozzle is used from the beginning to the end of life, if no failure is more smooth, that is, the use of 20-40 cartridge life. If your printer has been used for a long time, the print accuracy is now worse, you can try to replace the ink cartridge, if you change a few ink cartridges, the output of the print results are the same, then your printer's nozzle will be replaced Now. If there is a change after replacing the ink cartridge, it may be that the ink cartridge you are using contains poor quality non-genuine ink.

If the printer is new, the result of the printing cannot satisfy you. Frequently, the print line segment is not clear, the text and graphics are skewed, the outer boundary of the text graphic is blurred, and the print ink control synchronization accuracy is poor. This indicates that you may buy a fake ink cartridge or The cartridges used are non-genuine and should be replaced immediately.

Common fault six:

Disposition of walking trolleys

The track of the ink-jet printer's trolley is completed by the precise combination of two powder alloy copper bushes and a round steel shaft. Although there is a linoleum pad on the trolley to supplement the oil on the shaft, dust is everywhere in the environment we live in. As time passes, the lubricant on the shaft surface will be deteriorated due to the oxidation of air and the destruction of dust. Failure, if you continue to use the printer at this time, the trolley will be misaligned due to the increased friction between the shaft and the bushing, until the front end of the collision is unusable.

The solution is: Once this fault occurs, the printer should be turned off immediately, and the non-returned car should be pushed back to the parking space by hand. Find a small piece of sponge or felt, put it in the oil of the sewing machine, soak it in the oil and rub it back and forth with the tweezers. It is best to remove the spindle, oil after washing, this is the best effect.

The other kind of car was hit due to device damage. Above the printer car parking space there is a photoelectric sensor, which is an important component that provides the printer's motherboard with a print carriage reset signal. If this component is too dusty or damaged, the printer's car will not be able to use it because it cannot find the return signal. Generally, the device needs to be replaced when the fault occurs.

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