October 21, 2021

Intermediate relay selection

1 Geographical climate factors

Mainly refers to the altitude, ambient temperature, humidity, and electromagnetic interference and Other factors. Considering the universal applicability of the control system, it must take years to consider

The speciality of reliable operation of the lunar month, the key parts of the device must be selected from the high-insulation, strong anti-electricity full-sealing type (metal cover sealing or plastic sealing type, metal cover sealing products are better than plastic sealing products) intermediate relay products. Because only fully sealed intermediate relays have excellent long-term tolerance to harsh environmental performance, good electrical contact stability, reliability and switching load capacity (not affected by external climate).

2 Mechanical action elements

Mainly refers to stress, impact, collision and other stress factors. For the control system, the anti-seismic stress effect and the anti-mechanical stress acting ability are mainly considered, and a small intermediate relay adopting a balanced armature mechanism should be selected.

3 excitation coil input parameter elements

Mainly refers to over-excitation, under-excitation, low-voltage excitation and high-voltage (220 V) output isolation, temperature change effects, long-distance wired excitation, electromagnetic interference excitation and other parameters, which are all must be carefully considered to ensure reliable operation of power system automation devices. factor. Excitation according to the excitation amount specified by the small intermediate relay is a necessary condition to ensure reliable and stable operation.

4 contact output (switching circuit) parameter element

Mainly refers to contact load properties, such as lamp load, capacitive load, motor load, inductor, contactor (relay) coil load, resistive load, etc.; contact load value (open circuit voltage value, closed circuit current value) ), such as low level load, dry circuit load, small current load, high current load, etc.

Any automation equipment must actually determine the actual load characteristics and load value required. It is especially important to choose a suitable relay product. The failure or reliability of the relay is unreliable, mainly referring to whether the contact can complete the function of the specified switching circuit. If the actual load of the switch is inconsistent with the switching load specified by the selected relay, reliability will not be discussed.

Drinking Water Treatment Agent

Influence of external factors on the effect of drinking Water Treatment Agent
1) Effect of pH value of water: Each flocculant has its suitable pH range, and its range will affect the flocculation effect. For example, polyacrylamide, cationic for use in acidic and neutral environments, anionic for use in neutral and alkaline environments, nonionic for use from strong acid to alkaline environments.
2) Effect of temperature: The reaction speed is too slow at low water temperature, the hydrolysis time increases, affecting the amount of water treated, and the excessively high viscosity of the flocculant will also make the floc fine. On the other hand, if the water temperature is too high, the formed floc is fine, the sludge moisture content is increased, and it is difficult to handle. Therefore, too high or too low a water temperature is unfavorable for flocculation. Generally, the water temperature should be controlled at 20-30 °C.
3) Effect of stirring speed and time: The speed is too fast and the time is too long: the solid of the large particles is broken into small particles, and the particles capable of being precipitated are broken into particles which cannot be precipitated. The speed is too slow and the time is too short: the flocculant can not fully contact with the solid particles, which is not conducive to the flocculant trapping the colloidal particles; and the concentration distribution of the flocculant is not uniform, which is not conducive to the role of the flocculant.

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