September 23, 2020

Introduction and characteristics of cryostat

Shanghai Haozhuang Instrument LNB brand low temperature thermostat is a high-precision constant temperature source with refrigeration and heating. It can be used for constant temperature experiments in the water tank inside the machine, or connected with other equipment through a hose, and used as a constant temperature source. It is widely used in research departments such as petroleum, chemical industry, electronic instruments, physics, chemistry, biological engineering, medicine and health, life science, light industry food, physical property testing and chemical analysis, colleges and universities, enterprise quality inspection and production departments, working for users It provides a field source with controlled heating and cooling, and a uniform and constant temperature. Constant temperature tests or tests can be performed on the test samples or products produced. It can also be used as a heat or cold source for direct heating or cooling and auxiliary heating or cooling.


● Totally enclosed compressor unit cooling, the refrigeration system has multiple protection devices for overheating and overcurrent.

● The circulating pump can lead the liquid in the tank to be a constant temperature liquid to establish a second constant temperature field.

● The cold liquid in the tank can be led out, and the experimental container outside the cooler can also be used for low temperature and constant temperature experiments directly in the tank

● Adopt XMT analog digital PID automatic control system, temperature digital display.

● The inner tank and the table are all stainless steel, which is clean, hygienic, beautiful and corrosion-resistant.

● DC-0506W series is horizontal type, which is convenient for temperature control of viscometer.

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