September 23, 2020

Japanese researchers develop robots that sense sleep apnea at night

China Education Equipment Purchasing Network News: According to a recent report in the Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun, a research team led by Professor Keike Minke of Waseda University has successfully developed a sleep apnea-sensing robot at night, which gives patients with "sleep apnea syndrome" (SAS) People bring the gospel.

The robot is named "Sleep King", which can detect the breathing cessation caused by the oxygen content of blood in the patient's sleep and the snoring sound. Once an abnormality occurs, it stimulates the patient's face, forcing the patient's head to move, ensuring the airway is smooth.

The "Sleeping King" robot is like a bear hug and weighs about 2 kg. It uses human body conductive communication technology without connecting pipes. As long as the patient ’s head rests on the robot ’s abdomen, it can be implemented through an inductive sensor placed on the finger and a volume collection microphone inside the robot. automatic detection.

The detection data is wirelessly transmitted to the computer. Once it is found that the SAS patient has a special frequency of breathing sounds or the oxygen concentration in the blood drops by more than 3%, the arm of the pillow bear robot immediately stimulates the patient's face, prompting the patient's head to rotate and reach the respiratory tract. Smooth purpose.

So far, for the treatment of "sleep apnea syndrome" due to fat blocking the trachea around the tongue or neck, a method called CPAP is mainly adopted to fix the mask that can inject air into the trachea on the patient because of the hose connected to the mask And the limitation of the position such as masks, etc., makes the patient feel a lot of inconvenience. The new method can set the treatment data according to the patient's prevalence. It is said that the efficiency is 70% to 80%. The next step will be to further study the miniaturization of equipment and the expansion of testing subjects in clinical trials.

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