August 10, 2020

Makeup and make up with the summer ice beauty

In summer, the cool and refreshing makeup is most loved by MM. So, how to match the makeup, what kind of eye makeup with red lips, will be even more amazing? What accessories are suitable for green eye shadow? In the field of make-up and matching, you can boldly do what others don't dare to do. Let's make a makeup match and let you transform into a summer beauty.

Makeup Cheats One: Blue Eye Shadow, create a mysterious iceberg beauty electric eye.

Summer ice beauty

Office makeup can be used for reference: the earth color adds a sense of solemnity to the office makeup of OL, but it is slightly rigid. The faint blue adds subtlety to the make-up, and the overall look is fresh. Tip: The earth color or dark orange brush can make the eyes deep and three-dimensional in the eye area, and the blue brush is on the brow bone. The two eye shadow color transitions must be clean. Use the cotton swab to clean the edges of the earthy eye shadow that was first applied, and then use blue to make the two colors clearly distinguish. The use of blue eyeshadow must be in place to create a more iceberg, more mysterious charm.

Makeup Cheats II: Three-dimensional face makeup, make the makeup more mysterious.

Summer ice beauty

Choose a blush rouge that is best for your skin tone to create a three-dimensional face makeup, in order to make your iceberg beauty look more mysterious and more tempting. Of course, the choice of blush color remember not to choose too pink color, which will make your makeup return to the cute pink series! In particular, I feel that my face is not sharp enough, not perfect MM, you can choose a blush with a relatively dark color, brushing along the smile, will make the face look more three-dimensional.

Makeup Cheats 3: Matte lip makeup, make the makeup feel iceberg.

Summer ice beauty

Sexy hydrating lips are very attractive, and it is also a favorite of many MMs, but MM, don't forget, you want to create the best makeup of summer iceberg beauty, you can't have a doodle lips! Use a matte color lipstick to create a sexy matte mysterious lips. And remember, to cover the lip lines, too deep lip lines will appear unclean, bloodless.

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