October 26, 2020

Method for preparing and cleaning samples of salt spray test chamber

There are many details in the salt spray test chamber that we need to study carefully. We often say that the salt spray test uses equipment to create a salt spray environment to check the corrosion resistance of metal materials. Sample preparation and cleaning method of salt spray test chamber Lin Pin Global Free Service Hotline

Method for preparing and cleaning samples of salt spray test chamber

The sample should be properly cleaned when the salt spray test box is tested. The cleaning method should be selected according to the nature of the surface and contaminants. Care must be taken to avoid re-contamination of the sample after cleaning due to redundant or careless operations. However, different test samples have different cleaning rules, such as:

Specimens used in the evaluation of paints and other organic paints shall be prepared in accordance with the applicable standards of exposure materials or the requirements agreed upon by the two buyers and sellers. In addition, the test specimens should be constructed of steel that meets the requirements of Practice D609 and should be cleaned and prepared for coating in accordance with the applicable procedures of Practice D609.

Specimens coated with paint or non-metallic paint shall not be excessively cleaned or treated before the test. When you want to determine the development of corrosion in the wear area of ​​a paint or organic coating, use a sharp tool to scratch or scratch the coating to expose the metal under the coating before the test. The manufacture of scratches shall be as specified in Test Method D1654, unless the buyer and the seller agree otherwise.

The test type of the salt spray test chamber is generally determined by the situation, because each method is selected under specific circumstances, there is no absolute.

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