August 10, 2020

Modern packaging container to be innovative

The competition in the consumer market has become increasingly fierce. The design of modern packaging containers is no longer merely a simple function of accommodating and protecting commodities. It is also an important means of enhancing the vitality of products and establishing a corporate image to lead the market. Throughout the design of modern packaging containers, there are a variety of quality and value concepts, modeling style is rich and varied, not only to consider the physical and chemical factors such as product content composition, capacity, specifications, but also reflect contemporary social values ​​and consumer life forms With high-quality design, we will increase the added value of products and communicate the spirit of corporate culture.

The packaging container design is a three-dimensional modeling activity. The means of modeling is through industrialized technical processing. The technical factors make the container modeling obtain a unique modern style and represent the cultural spirit of modern society. The packaging container is different from the general flat design of the packaging design. It involves various factors such as the nature of the contents, the choice of materials, the mechanical properties, the human-machine relationship, and the production process, all of which limit the imagination and creativity of the designer to some extent. Force, can not be free to subjectively determine the appearance of the packaging container. In order to overcome difficulties and constraints and design a unique and unique packaging container form, creative thinking and high professional quality are required on the one hand, and on the other hand, they must be good at seeking creative ideas from different design points and developing concept concepts.

Innovative design requirements

First, to use the characteristics of the product

To be suitable for the characteristics of the use of goods, that is to say the practicality of the design of packaging containers, this is the first consideration in designing. In terms of structure and shape, it is a concrete manifestation of practicality that the nature of the contents contained in the content is satisfied. For example, due to the volatility of the perfume, the bottle mouth of the perfume bottle should be smaller, so that the perfume can be preserved more lasting, and it is easy to control the dosage when it is poured out. The volume of the beverage packaging container is preferably designed according to the basic standard that the average person can drink once, and neither wastes resources nor is convenient for the consumer to carry.

Second, obstacle design

In general, packaging containers are designed for ease of use, but there are special circumstances. Due to children's cognition and behavioral naivety, they often open medicines and chemical packaging containers when the guardian is negligent. Therefore, the intentional design of some operational obstacles on the packaging containers has profound and positive social meaning. The barrier container design is a new design for children's safety. It relies on intelligence instead of force to eliminate the product for children. The potential danger. For example, the "press-after-rotate" lid seal design of "Merrill Lynch" children's fever-reducing preparations needs to be opened by pressing the lid downwards while rotating. Otherwise, it cannot be opened anyway, so that children can be prevented from unauthorized opening. accident. Barrier container design is the most noble design, fully embodies the humanized meaning of design, and expresses the ultimate concern for people.

Third, to adapt to use the environment

The improvement of living standards and the awakening of consumer awareness have made travel out of the trend an era. Therefore, the design of packaging containers also needs to consider the specific use locations and conditions and the relationship with the environment, and give different characteristics to the packaging containers so that the design can be scheduled. Targeted market. If the beverage packaging container can be opened, it can be used for drinking (cans cans are a common form), and it does not need a cup to be used for outdoor use. The material selection of the packaging container can adapt to the harsh conditions of use and the environment.

Fourth, in line with ergonomics

The packaging container directly interacts with people. The design of the packaging container should conform to ergonomic requirements, including physical, psychological, and information-sensing aspects. It should be designed to have a friendly and pleasant container shape and be better used by people. For example, designing some raised points or lines around the cap can increase friction and facilitate opening, especially when the palm is sweaty and wet. The size and weight of packaging containers should meet the general requirements of human physiology, such as the diameter of the cans can not be too large, the capacity should be appropriate, so as to facilitate one-handed holding.

Fifth, the operation of the use of the hints and guidance

In addition to achieving basic functions, a good packaging container should also have a clear instructional function design. Different packaging container shapes should have clear differences. For example, the shape of a hand “pinch” and a hand “scratch” cannot be confused. Through the changes and contrasts of structure, shape, color and texture, the visual language's hints and guidance are formed. If necessary, some accessories can also be designed to convey the packaging container's operation mode clearly in its own formal language. For example, the design of the hand sanitizer container outlet should enable people to judge how to operate when they are used for the first time. If they are pressed or rotated, they should be given hints and guidance with clear modal semantics.

Sixth, new modeling fashion trend

With the continuous development of social culture and the change of design art trends, people have new requirements for the design of packaging containers, and the aesthetic taste and spiritual connotation of packaging containers are increasingly important. Designers must possess a sense of aesthetic appreciation and judgment of design inspiration. Only in this way can they achieve a high-style visual effect through unique creative designs in terms of specifications, shapes, materials, and detailed shapes. The fashion trend dominates the market.

Seven, high value-added design

For the packaging container design, we must respect the customer first, improve the product's consumption level with excellent and excellent design, and increase the added value of the product. It is the true meaning of high value-added design that people get different “identity” from the high-grade design and style of packaging containers. To increase the added value of goods, we must take the unique design ideas ahead of similar products and show a high degree of harmony between the inherent performance quality and the individual's individual value appeal in a specific product visual form in order to gain an advantage in the fierce market competition and obtain High profits.

Eight, bionic design

Under the control of natural forces, the biological world is full of mysterious diversity and complexity, and it has become a model for modeling. The inspiration for bionic design is derived from nature, but it should transcend nature and cannot simply imitate the appearance of natural objects. The designer takes the natural form as the basic element, grasps the inherent vitality and essence of the natural object through the performance of abstract, abstract, exaggerated and other artistic techniques, and conveys the life force implied by its internal structure, so that the packaging container design has both simple and pure visual effects. It also contains rich artistic spirit and value connotation.

Nine, the expression of traditional culture

Today's world is an era in which Eastern and Western cultures are in conflict with each other. The strength of Western culture has created a global-wide internationalist design style. However, many insightful people clearly understand that national traditional culture is a fertile ground for all arts. Embodying the spiritual essence of national culture in the design of packaging containers and displaying distinctive regional aesthetic culture and style features have important practical significance. While emphasizing traditional culture, we must not go into a dogmatic national complex. Nationalization is by no means retro-democratic. We must walk away from the misunderstanding that “the more ethnic, the more international it is”.

Therefore, in the design practice, it is not only to copy some ethnic patterns but to think that it is a nationalized design, so that the design is superficial, and the spiritual essence of national culture should be integrated into the design, such as the principle of natural and harmonious creation, the balance between the axes Layout styles, etc., or reinterpretation of traditional cultural symbols such as dismantling, reorganization, collage, and other modern design techniques, so that the traditional culture of the nation will gain new recognition in the new era and become more glamorous.

Summary: Regardless of the base point of the design, the value and significance of the packaging container design are firstly reflected in the relationship between people and things, and they all reflect the care of people from different cognitive perspectives. Only in-depth study of various types of people's lifestyle and values ​​can expand the concept and concept of design on a variety of basis points, create a pleasing packaging form, and meet the diversity and individuality of consumers with innovative designs. Demand, to create a new style of packaging containers.

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