September 18, 2021

Outdoor Data Network Global Peak Information Altun Mountains, Gansu


Altun Shan - "Altun Shan", Mongolian means "a mountain with cypresses."

The main peak of the Altun Mountains in the Kazak Autonomous County of Axe County in Gansu Province is shaped like a pyramid. It is snow-covered and mist-filled all year round. There have been five generations of “Baique Song” admiring Al Jinshan: “On the white yak of Jin Anshan, Bai Hanshuang’s hairs lifted their heads, and ... they swept Jinshan, the ancient altars of Baixuehuangshuang, and... Xia is a cover around." The world of ice crystals in the mountains, the mountains and mountains, and the scenery are full of different things. The size of the mountain below Sugan Lake, with waves, waves flashing. Herdsmen on the Haizi grassland were forthright in their atmosphere. They regarded the wine as songs and laughed at desert solitary cigarettes. Long rivers fell to the yen. Magnificence, roughness and mystery are the general characteristics of the Altun Mountains.

The Altun Mountain Nature Reserve in the Altun Mountains is China’s largest wild animal nature reserve. Its area is 4.5 million hectares, equivalent to an area of ​​Jiangsu Province. The core area of ​​the protected area is a closed type of intermountain basin formed by the crustal alterations at the end of the Tertiary Period. It is a natural paradise for all kinds of wild animals and is surrounded by mountains, mountains, valleys, and jungles. In 1987, the country established a wildlife sanctuary here. There are more than 50 kinds of exotic animals such as wild camels, wild donkeys, bisons, argali, Tibetan gazelles, Tibetan antelopes, bar-headed geese, black-necked cranes, snow leopards and other rare animals in the reserve. More than 150,000 heads.

Climbing difficulty factor: ★★★ (Improve the mountain level, suitable for basic skills and prepare for full climbers)

Altun Mountain Profile

Altun Mountain is located in the eastern part of the Aer Mountains in one of China's ten largest mountain ranges. The Altun Mountains are located on the northern margin of the northern Tibetan Plateau, between the Qaidam Basin and the Tarim Basin, and between the east and the west. They are connected to the Qilian Mountains and the Kunlun Mountains. The mountains range from about 730 kilometers east to west and 60 to 100 kilometers wide from north to south. , similar to east-west direction. The mountains are high on both ends of the east and west, and the middle is lower (between 4000-4200 meters above sea level). Sections above 4600 meters above sea level develop modern glaciers.

The western part of the Altun Mountains, the highest peak in the middle section of Sulamakig (6295 m) and the Yu Supu Aleks (6062 m) are still virgin peaks due to the difficulty in entry and lack of information; the eastern part of the mountain is relatively easy Entering, the highest peak is also known as the Altun Mountains, 5,828 meters above sea level, and about 110 kilometers east of the Ganqing Highway is the Jinshankou, which is the boundary between the Altun Mountains and the Qilian Mountains.

At present, the northern slope of the eastern part of the Altun Mountains is on the south bank of the lower Shule River, and the southern slope is near the Sugan Lake. The relative height difference between the north and the south is about 3,000 meters and about 4,800 meters respectively. The main peak rises from the sky to the sky. Jinshan deep fault line, which is directly related to the height of the peak zone.

From south to north, there are three mountain valleys and two valleys in the peak area. The topography is as follows:

The height of the peaks in the main peak area of ​​the Namjo area is between 5200-5828 meters. There are nearly 30 peaks above 5000 meters above sea level along the ridgeline. There are 31 modern glaciers on both sides of the ridge, among which there are 20 glaciers on the north slope. . There are 17 Samosakgou Glaciers. The No. 10 glacier is the largest glacier in the area, with a length of 3.8 kilometers and an altitude of 4,520 meters at the end of the glacier. The snow line of the glaciers is 4,840 meters above sea level. The main peak of the Altun Mountain is located on the back wall of No. 5 glacial snow basin at Nanpo, with an elevation of 5828 meters. On the back wall of the No. 10 glacial snow basin on the south side of Samosakougou, the two peaks at an altitude of 5,784 meters are opposite to the main peaks on the east side. The distance between the two is 6,000 meters and the relative height difference is 46 meters. The Samsak Valley is high in the east and low in the west, with an elevation of 4200-4400m. It is a river formation area. The ditch goes northward through the middle of the central column of the middle mountainous area and enters Qingshigou, which is the source of Qingshigou.

The mountain peaks in the mountains range from 4700-5550 meters above sea level. The mountains were cut and broken. There were 12 glaciers on the north slope and a glacier on the southern slope. The largest glacier in the middle of the mountain is the Qiligou Glacier, which is 2.1 kilometers in length. The average elevation of the glacier is 4,660 meters. The relative height of the Midlands and Sasak Valley is about 1000 meters. Samuthabutala Valley, between 3500-4200 meters above sea level. The western part of the valley (Qingshigou) is wider and lower in elevation, and extending to the east there are five watersheds between 4000-4200 meters in the valley.

The northern column of the mountainous area (the Qingshigou East-West area) has a significantly reduced topography and scattered terrain. The peak height is between 3,500 and 4,849 meters. There is no modern glaciers. The mountainous area is the outskirts of the Altun Mountains and gradually enters the foothills. In the lower reaches of the Shule River.

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