August 10, 2020

"Renovation pollution" has buried a time bomb near people.

With the advancement of society, people have refined the high requirements of living in the living room, "invisible killer" and "invisible killer" -- the "decoration pollution" jointly represented by these terms has buried a "time bomb" around the people. ".

Last year, Changsha people were repeatedly injured by such "time bombs." Within six months, the children of three or four families were diagnosed as “leukemia”. In addition, successive indoor environmental tests found that the “sequel” of these homes was shocking: the safest home became the most dangerous place! It is not uncommon for women's infertility and infant deformities caused by decoration pollution and various "strange problems". If you still hold an indifferent attitude that is not related to yourself, these examples that have occurred and are still going to happen will give you a wake-up call: it is time to liquidate the "time bomb" at home!

Recently, the repeated exposure of many children with leukemia in Changsha has caused a blockbuster in the hearts of all parents, and it is strikingly similar in other cities. A few days ago, some media reported that the statistics of the Department of Hematology of Beijing Children's Hospital showed that 90% of the children with leukemia admitted to the hospital had done renovations within half a year.

Increased likelihood of infertility and abnormal baby in women

Case 1: Ms. Xiao, who lives in Baisha Garden, Nanhu Road, Changsha, is being tortured by an idea for two months: How to “dispose” the children in the stomach? Originally, many news reports about family decoration pollution have made her in-laws very Rest assured, so please come to the indoor environment testing staff. The result is not only unreliable, but even more worrying: the formaldehyde in the home is more than 11 times the standard! For this, the family has two different voices: one is to let Ms. Xiao abort, to ensure that the children born will not have " Sudden problems, one can not bear to kill a life, or Mr. down and see.

Case 2: A couple of peasant couples who came from Shudi to Changsha to do business and live in Dongjingpu Trade City recently realized that the one-and-a-half-year-old children in their family always had problems constantly. It turned out to be a home decoration disaster! Children have been born since then. It’s always a long time to get a cold and cough. This time I’m cured, I’m going to make another mistake. This has caused the couple to have a headache. Later, I thought that I would stay in the home for less than a week, so I also tested the indoor environment and found that the formaldehyde exceeded the standard by about four times.

Situation: Because of the pollution of the decoration, there are more and more people who are unclear and say that they are not too big to say that there are so many problems. If you have any of the following symptoms, you can consider whether there is indoor pollution: wake up every morning when you wake up, feel dizzy, dizzy; family often catch a cold; family long-term spirit, loss of appetite; do not smoke but often feel scorpion Discomfort, poor breathing; children often cough, decreased immunity; family members have a group of skin allergies; family members have a disease, and the symptoms are obviously improved after leaving home; plants in new or newly renovated houses are not easy to survive; Domestic pets are inexplicably dead; newly renovated rooms have pungent, pungent and other irritating odors that do not linger for a long time.

Tracing back to the source: At present, indoor air pollution caused by construction, decoration and furniture mainly has five major poisonous gases, formaldehyde, benzene and benzene, ammonia, helium and TVOC. Formaldehyde can cause cancer and fetal malformation; hernia is the second most common cause of lung cancer in addition to smoking; benzene and benzene can cause dizziness, chest tightness, nausea, vomiting and other symptoms in a short period of time, and Lead to cancer, cause blood diseases, etc.

The right medicine: Liu Yongjun of the Quality Inspection Center for Indoor Environmental Decoration Materials in Hunan Province said that people should adopt different methods for different levels of home decoration pollution. First of all, after the test, it was found that the decoration pollution was lighter, the damage to the body was slight, and the human body could hardly feel it. You can consider opening the window to open the ventilation, or put some flowers and plants on the house to absorb some super-standard gas, but these Less than a long-lasting effect, the period of formaldehyde emission is 15 years. If the test results are serious, you should ask a professional management body to treat them, spray them on the surface of the furniture or in the artificial board to form a protective film, seal the harmful gases, and purify the catalytic reaction to form water and carbon dioxide. Child leukemia "causes renovation"

Case 3: In January 2008, Changsha citizen Fan Dayong completed the renovation of his new home at No. 89 Dongfeng Road, Changsha City. At the time, the materials were environmentally friendly materials purchased by myself. Since I heard that the new house had to be empty for a while before I could move in and live, he was empty for two months before moving in. In April of that year, my daughter was born and my body has been healthy. From the end of last year, her daughter began to have symptoms such as cough and fever, and she has not cured for a long time. In January this year, Fan Dayong and his wife took their children to the Xiangya Hospital of Central South University for examination and diagnosis of leukemia. After they sent their daughter to a hospital in Shanghai for treatment, they found that most of the children with leukemia had had renovations in their homes, so they suspected that their daughter's illness was also caused by their own indoor pollution.

Recently, the test report produced by the Quality Inspection Center for Indoor Environmental Decoration Materials in Hunan Province has been a shock: this is the most serious indoor pollution incident in Changsha so far. The test results show that: Mr. Fan's household benzene is 28 times higher than the national standard, TVOC (total volatile organic matter) exceeds the national standard by 8 times, and formaldehyde exceeds the national standard by 4 times. At present, Mr. Fan has paid a heavy price for “decoration pollution”: the whole family cannot live normally, has spent more than 100,000 medical expenses, and her daughter often has to suffer from chemotherapy that is unbearable for adults.

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