October 26, 2020

Requirements for the sample holder of the ozone aging test chamber

The ozone aging test chamber is composed of several components such as housing, electronic components, and ozone generator. Each component has quite strict requirements. Of course, the sample rack of the ozone aging test chamber is also very important, and it is also included in the test standards When it comes to the requirements of the sample holder, let us take a look at the requirements mentioned in the standard.

Fix the two ends of the sample with a clamp under the required elongation. When contacting with ozonated air, the length of the sample should be substantially parallel to the direction of the airflow. The jig should be made of a material that does not easily decompose ozone (such as aluminum).

In order to reduce the influence of different ozone concentrations in the test box, it is recommended to install a mechanical rotating frame in the test box and assemble a jig and frame for fixing the sample on the rotating frame. For example, with a suitable rotating frame, the sample rotation speed is between (20 ^ -25) mm / s, in a plane of vertical dry air flow, each sample continuously moves along the same path, the same The time for one revolution of the sample is (8 ^ -12) min. The scanning area of ​​the sample (shaded part shown in Figure 2) is at least 40% of the effective area of ​​the test chamber.

The sample preparation shall comply with the provisions of GB / T 9865.1. The sample is best cut from the newly molded test piece, if necessary, it can be cut from the finished product. The sample should have at least one intact surface. The sample surface after being cut or polished cannot be used to evaluate ozone resistance. The comparison of different materials is only effective if the same sample made by the same method is used to evaluate the surface cracks. Use at least 3 specimens for each test condition.

The width of the long standard sample is not less than 10mm, the thickness is 2.0mm ± 0.2mm, and the length of the sample between the two ends of the fixture before stretching is not less than 40mm.

The end of the ozone aging test chamber sample can be protected by ozone resistant paint. In order to prevent the solvent used in the paint from causing the rubber to swell significantly, the paint should be carefully selected. Do not use silicone oil. In addition, methods to improve both ends of the sample can also be used. For example, a protruding portion is used at the end of the sample so that both ends can be extended without causing excessive stress concentration and will not break at the grip during ozone exposure.

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