September 24, 2020

Safe and healthy affordable Xinfei carbon fiber 4-in-1 air heater

Xinfei carbon fiber four-in-one air heating heater integrates the four functions of lighting, air heating, ventilation, and air blowing. The interior uses a waterproof and moisture-proof high-efficiency carbon fiber tube combined with a fan to create warm air. It has high safety performance and cooperates with the honeycomb + matrix type. The air outlet design can instantly raise the temperature of the bathroom, effectively remove bathroom bacteria, and give you a healthy and comfortable bathing environment. The new low-cost Yuba is affordable and practical!

Xinfei carbon fiber four-in-one air heater

Market price: 1089.00 yuan / unit

Mall price: 299.00 yuan / Taiwan

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1. Product parameters

Second, the installation effect diagram

Three, product appearance size

1. Appearance

2. Size

4. Product appearance details

This Yuba adopts Germany imported profile brushed panel, high light transmission acrylic light barrier, honeycomb + matrix air outlet design, which can instantly raise the temperature of the bathroom, efficiently sterilize the bathroom, and healthy skin care.

Adopt Xinfei special light source, high-efficiency carbon fiber tube, high temperature resistant flame-retardant circuit line, motor imported from Japan, safe and healthy, high efficiency and energy saving.

All metal back plate, good heat dissipation effect, not easy to deform, and anti-aging and non-rot. The base adopts ABS new material, high temperature resistant and flame retardant, environmental protection and no pollution.

The complete set of this product includes: 1. Product host; 2. Instruction manual; 3. Check valve (used at the interface of the wall and the ventilation pipe); 4. Installation of bayonet bag; 5. Ventilation pipe.

5. Product internal details

6. Product safety testing

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