October 21, 2021

Several points to pay attention to before the new blanket on the machine


The blanket consists of a surface layer and a base fabric, and is divided into a radial direction and a lateral direction. Since the degree of elongation of the blanket after the radial force is smaller than that of the lateral direction, the radial direction with a small amount of expansion and contraction must be used as the direction of the force of the blanket, that is, the radial direction of the blanket is consistent with the circumferential direction of the drum. . When the blanket is cut, the four sides should be at right angles and the diagonal lines should be equal, so that the blanket can be evenly applied to the drum to ensure product quality. At the same time, the bite of the blanket and the ends of the slider are respectively punched, and the positions of the holes are on the same horizontal line, and there is no height, so as to prevent the blanket from being skewed.

When the new blanket is attached to the machine, it should be tightened first, and then the blanket should be checked for wrinkles and bubbles. If there is no problem after inspection, let the roller press for a few turns and then tighten it. The new blanket has better elasticity and better stretchability. The stretched blanket should be gradually carried out. It is required to carry out both the tip and the bite at the same time. Do not tighten one side. Each time it is stretched, it will be pressed and pressed for 3 to 5 minutes, so that it can be tightened several times. After the blanket is tightened, we should also visually or gently touch the blanket with your hand to check whether the blanket and its cushioning material are flat, whether there are any problems caused by the ink, paper scraps, etc., and timely treatment.

Before the new blanket is put on the machine, the thickness of the required pad should be determined according to the specific thickness, uniformity and elasticity of the blanket, and the number of liner paper should be determined by micrometer measurement. If the liner is too thick, it will cause a large pressure between the blanket and the printing plate, which will affect the printing quality, make the print coarse and distortion, enlarge the dot, and it is easy to cause premature damage of the blanket. In addition, it will speed up the printing plate. The graphic wears. (Editor: Zhang Wei)

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