October 21, 2021

Shanghai Songjiang District successfully completed 3D printing copyright transaction

On September 22nd, the 3D printing copyright transaction was successfully completed at the “3D Copyright Trade Conference and Property Rights Protection Forum” held in Songjiang District. The buyers and sellers of this transaction are Shanghai Jiulong 3D Design Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Guangyunda Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. The works of the transaction are the “Guanyun Pian” series of lamps and lanterns. The work has won the “Oscar” in the design world – First prize of the Milan Satellite Salon Award. The successful completion of the copyright transaction of the “View Cloud” series of 3D printing products has opened the precedent for copyright transactions in the domestic 3D printing industry, providing reference for future 3D printing copyright transactions, and has a milestone significance for promoting the healthy and orderly development of the 3D printing industry.

In the context of building a “Globally Influential Technology Innovation Center” and “Asia Pacific Intellectual Property Center City” in Shanghai, the 3D printing copyright transaction is a phased result of Songjiang District's innovation cluster cultivation in the 3D printing industry. In the future, Songjiang District will use the “Intellectual Property Protection Expert Advisory Committee” and “3D Printing Industry Innovation Cluster Patent Navigation Platform” to strengthen the application and protection of intellectual property rights and escort the innovative development of 3D printing enterprises.


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