July 03, 2020

That "straight line" leg is back

In the summer, the pair of thin legs are so moving in the dazzling sunshine, don't envy the hate, learn the stovepipe method below, the next eye-catching leg is yours.

Step 1 - Calf is thin: lame movement

Stovepipe movement

The lame movement can stimulate the calf muscles and eliminate excess fat, making the calf thinner and making the lines softer.

1. Sit in about 1/3 of the chair, place the toes on the raised platform, and press the heels as far as possible.

2, then rub your feet, the calf is forced, the heel is raised as much as possible, and the action is repeated quickly.

Step 2 - The ankle becomes slender: the foot is circled

Stovepipe movement

The action of the foot to draw a circle has the effect of making the ankle thinner and the legs beautiful.

1. The feet are sitting straight, the heels and knees are close together.

2. With the heel as the axis, the sole of the foot slowly draws a circle to the left.

Step 3 - The legs are more slender: the legs are crossed

Stovepipe movement

Stretching the muscles on the back side of the knee and strengthening the muscles here can make the legs more slender.

1. The feet are crossed at the knees.

2. Press down on the upper body until the tip of your finger touches the ground.

3, the body is softer, you can also try to lightly stick to the ground with your palm.

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