May 27, 2020

The application of digital proofing technology and the important role of software (1)

The rapid development of new technologies such as digital printing, digital proofing, direct plate making, and digital workflow has prompted another revolution in the printing industry. As an alternative to traditional proofing and indispensable key technology in the direct platemaking process, the promotion of digital proofing technology is the top priority at this stage, which indicates the arrival of a comprehensive digital era in the field of printing. After several years of development, after the digital proofing system breaks through the bottleneck of quality and speed, whether it is the printer's hardware performance, RIP application software function or color management system, there have been significant improvements, and the advantages of digital proofing technology More and more people are concerned about.

Digital Proofing Technology Advantages and Applications

Its advantages are mainly manifested in the following aspects:

First, digital proofing is faster than traditional proofing. From the equipment point of view, the existing large-format high-precision printers (above 1 meter wide), the market mainstream models are HP, EPSON, AGFA and ROLANDHi-fiJetPro series. The printing speed of these devices takes the high-precision large-split printing (590mmX 880mm) as an example. The HP5000 takes only 8 minutes, and the EPSONl0000 only takes 10 minutes. The ordinary precision proofing HP5000 can print in 4 minutes.

Of course, the comprehensive speed of digital proofing is related to the accepted file format and different print RIP performance, in addition to the print speed.

From the operation point of view, it is divided into output RIP before printing and a RIP multiple output/printing, that is, two types of RIP after proofing, such as BestColorProof represented by RIP proofing, can achieve one side of RIP printing: and after RIP Proofing is affected by the speed of other output RIP processing. When the printing time is relatively opposite, like BlackMagic and StarProof are such software.

Compared to electronic documents, proofs from traditional proofing are limited by various techniques such as filming, manual imposition, printing, and proofing. It takes at least 2-4 hours to make a sample. If digital proofing is used, the first time for digital proofing is fundamentally different from traditional proofing. Normally, proofs can be seen within 10-30 minutes. Digital proofing proofs are of stable quality and good color simulation. Environment, technology, and more are not affected by human factors. The stability between the proofs and the proofs can be completely consistent: analog printing density, chromaticity, dot gain rate, and printing plate characteristics are accurate.

Most popular mainstream digital proofing systems currently use FM network outlets to simulate prints. The true color reproduction and level reproduction capabilities of print products exceed traditional proofing. Good quality digital proofing can ensure that the degree of color reduction is over 95%. The average color difference is less than 厶Eab3.0. At this stage of technology, the only real problem in solving network real-life simulations is high-end digital proofing systems, such as IRIS, Kodak, and Fujitsu, but the cost of equipment is nearly ten times higher.

The popular digital proofing system has small investment, high efficiency and new technology. Compared with traditional printing proofing, taking a traditional proofing center with four color units as an example, it is necessary to achieve a production capacity of 100 copies and 400 proofs for 24 hours in a row. The investment in equipment is nearly 3 million RMB. The actual staff needs 20 people. It must also be equipped with a constant temperature and humidity plant of over 200m2. If digital proofing is used to achieve the same amount of work, only three equipments are needed. The equipment investment is less than 500,000. Three operators, 20m2: general office conditions, there are no specific requirements for the environment, and there is no pollution. Can achieve 24-hour non-stop production.

Digital proofing can realize real-time synchronous proofing at the same time of completing electronic documents, shorten the plate making cycle, and can inspect the electronic document's printing effect in the prepress production process at any time. This provides more flexibility for the more creative arts and design process. More convenient. It can help establish a unified color management standard for each printing plant, design publication and prepress process, thus promoting the popularization of color management standardization in the printing industry.

The application of digital proofing technology is quite extensive

The promotion of digital proofing technology can not only replace the traditional proofing of printing plants and plate making plants, but also help the advertising, publishing, and design industries. Digital proofs of analog printing effects can be directly obtained in the design room, greatly reducing the prepress cycle and reducing costs: due to the use of Network technology, the use of off-site proofing programs to achieve real-time zero-distance communication between customers and printers; digital proofing is an indispensable prepress proofing tool in CTP direct plate making, digital printing and digital printing processes.

Digital proofing is due to the use of advanced ICC format color management systems. In this way, it is not only applied to the color management of the printing industry, but also can be widely used in the color management of advertising inkjet and artistic crystal simulation. Its color simulation capability is sufficient for the former technology. Incomparable, the ability to simulate high-fidelity photo printing, decorative painting, oil painting, Chinese painting, and watercolor has reached a very high level. Digital proofing technology can also be applied to the production of card products, and gradually replace the traditional technology of screen printing cards. The screen can achieve 2400dpi continuous high-definition color images, speed, no pollution, can be in the office environment Print. Digital proofing technology can also be used with digital cameras and other digital imaging devices. It can imitate the color effects of various image products and produce high-definition, high-quality static digital imaging products. For example, movie film effects, photo paper effects, high fidelity effects, etc.

In a word, the application of digital proofing technology not only serves the printing industry, promotes the digital printing process, but also provides scientific means for the reproduction and reproduction of color with its advanced color management technology.

(to be continued)

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