July 25, 2021

The new ventilation type aging test chamber GBT3512-2001 standard preface

Foreword-New Ventilation Aging Test Box GBT3512-2001 Standard

This standard is equivalent to the international standard ISO 188:1998 "Vulcanized rubber or thermoplastic rubber heating aging and heat test" in Test Method B, GB/T3512-1983 (1989) "Rubber Hot Air Aging Test Method" is revised.

This standard is basically the same as the technical content of Test Method B in ISO 188:1998.

The differences between this standard and GB/T 3512-1983 (1989) are as follows:

-- Change the name of the previous version to "Expired aging and heat resistance test of hot air of vulcanized rubber or thermoplastic rubber"

-- This standard adds to the principles and precision.

-- This standard increases the temperature control accuracy and aging time of the ventilation type aging test chamber.

Appendix A of this standard is an appendix to the tip.

This standard replaces GB/T3512-1983 (1989) from the date of implementation.

This standard was proposed by the National Petroleum and Chemical Industry Bureau.

This standard is under the jurisdiction of the Technical Committee of the National Rubber Standards Committee for Rubber General Physical Testing.

This standard was drafted: Guangzhou Institute of Synthetic Materials

The main drafters of this standard: Xie Yufang, Zheng Yunzhong.

This standard was first published in March 1983 and confirmed in 1989.

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