May 27, 2020

The pores have something to say about how to maintain it.

Wrinkles and spots were thought to be the enemy of beauty, but in a survey of "What is your skin trouble", 58.7% of girls chose pores. How to maintain it, let the parties themselves clarify the facts.

The pores have something to say about how to maintain it.

This body distribution of 2 million skin pores, how can make so many people have a headache, how to maintain it? Do you know that the pore condition will affect your fortune! Japan's recent popular facial feng shui theory points out that pores are like gas inflows. If they are blocked, luck will be blocked.

The bridge of the nose - the energy of the heavens obtained by the forehead, represents the working momentum of life.

The nose - on behalf of the money, to focus on the maintenance of the pores here.

Forehead - symbolizes interpersonal relationships and emotional fortune. If the pores are round and elastic, the fortune will follow.

Around the lips - the fortune that symbolizes communication skills.

Chin - Representing the future fortune and helping yourself to make good luck.

In this way, the pores become the natural enemies of our career, love, and interpersonal relationship, and destroy them together with Xiaobian!


The pores are too crazy!

Why? "The dirt blocks the pores, the sebum secretion is strong, the acne is not properly squeezed, the improper use of cosmetics or drugs, the skin is aging, etc., which will make me a big mania!"

HowTo? First supplement the skin's collagen and elastic fibers with pore-tightening essence, and then use oil control products to prevent and improve large pores. You have to choose ingredients that have the ability to soften sebum and dirt, making it easier to cleanse your sebum and dirt when you wash your face and steam your face.

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