September 18, 2021

Toy is the angel of children

"Toy is an angel of children", it should fly from the baby to the world, bring him joy, help him. A good toy helps the child's physical and mental health, contributes to the child's intellectual development, and contributes to the development of the child's motor coordination.

The world of toys is full of colors, how to choose toys for your baby?

First, look at the toy from the baby's point of view. In other words, you must make your baby feel fun and let your baby love it. Some parents don’t think so. They may over-emphasize the educational role of toys and equate toys with teaching aids. As a result, children do not like to play, and "teaching aids" have become furnishings. Some parents think that what is expensive is good. Although the parents "have done their best for the children", but the toy is in the hands of the children, but because it is too expensive, so the children are always not playing well - the child wants to knock and beat, the mother reminds: "Be careful!" The child wants to open and see Look, Dad said: "So expensive things make you break." Some parents, with their own eyes to see if the toy is interesting, the child shouted to buy a small picture, they would think that there is something fun? I bought a model airplane for my child. The results of it? Children can only watch their parents play.

Since it is a toy from the perspective of the baby, it is necessary to purchase a suitable age toy for the child according to the characteristics of the child's growth and development. For example, from birth to 3 months, he has just arrived in the world. In order to promote his development of vision, hearing, touch, etc., we may wish to prepare some colorful toys for the children and arrange a colorful color for him. Small world. Such a big child is particularly interested in the shape of the face and can buy a blow doll for the child. In addition, rattles, small hand bells, and various kinds of kneading materials made of polyester materials allow children to touch different hardnesses and temperatures, see different shapes, and hear pleasant sounds. How can children not like them?

However, it should be noted that the baby of 3 months, because of the poor coordination ability, the things in his hands can easily hit his little face, small head, so can not give children a hard and heavy thing, can not have angular So as not to hurt the child.

When the child arrived for 4-6 months, his small neck was already "very hard" and his body's ability to move was much stronger. He began to look around the world and began to twist his waist to grasp the object he was interested in. Coordination has also been further improved. Give your child a frog that jumps and let the child pull the leash of the music box. The child will be particularly excited when he listens.

By 7-12 months, the child is more interested, giving the child a snare, and he will slam the snare drum and sizzle. Give him an electric puppy, he will closely watch the dog's whereabouts, and at any time, Wang Wang will call the crawling puppy back to his side. At this point, the child can practice picking up, enlarging, opening, and rotating the toy, which can further promote the child's intelligence and athletic ability. At this time, the child also likes to throw things and tear things down. Parents should give him this power and buy the corresponding toys to create conditions.

At the age of 1-2, the child's world is wider, cars, small steamships, small trains... are the children's beloved baby. Parents can also give the child a spatula, a small bucket, for the child to build a castle in the sand. For children, building blocks, plug-in boards, and jigsaw puzzles can make him feel change and creation. When the child is walking, it is so interesting to pull a small wood duck with a wheel on the back. At this time, the children especially like to see small animals, kittens, rabbits, chickens... If you have the conditions, buy the children home, you can cultivate the child's love. But pay attention to hygiene. At this time, the child should recognize the color and basic shape, buy colored geometric toys for the child, teach the child to recognize, and also be a method of teaching and learning. Of course, literacy cards and counting toys should also be prepared for children in this period.

A 2-3 year old child can play a "very complicated" assembled toy. Seeing his assembled graphics, he can't help but admire his rich imagination and creativity. Children's athletic ability is strong. Slides, climbing frames, swings and other toys are not for families to buy, but they can buy a small stroller for their children and let him take a flower ball.

Children with 2-3 have increased their self-awareness, and they have a favorite type of toy. For example, a boy may be fascinated by a car, buy him a car city to go home, and the child will manipulate his "city" at home for a long time. For girls, small bowls, small plates, small dolls, and playing with dolls are also fun.

At this time, the child's ability to imitate and observe is enhanced. Stethoscopes and syringes can make the child a small doctor; the small bench and the locomotive can make the child a small driver. This kind of game allows children to understand the society, learn to observe, and know the rules. In order to allow children to enter the "role", "props" are essential.

Pay attention to the safety of toys when buying toys for your baby. The material of the toy should be non-toxic and harmless, because the child often puts the toy in the mouth or bites with the teeth, so pay special attention not to buy lead-free dyed or non-edible plastics that are easy to peel off paint and small parts. s things. Don't buy a sharp, hard, heavy, highly rotating, fast-moving, tangled toy that can cover your child's mouth and nose to avoid danger. Because children are small, they especially like to put small things in the mouth, nose and ears, so don't give children plastic beads, glass balls, etc., to prevent Leica children. Children often don't know the level of danger. Simulated toy guns and large elastic items can easily hurt children and don't buy them. Since the child's muscles and ligaments are still weak, don't buy toys that need to be used vigorously.

In short, the following principles should be remembered when purchasing toys: interesting, beneficial, harmless, and inexpensive.

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