December 08, 2021

Wardrobe storage element PK warfare tree one bedroom new image (Figure)

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] As a successful person, in addition to improving their inner charm, creating their own appearance is also an indispensable step. The interior storage space of the wardrobe of its successful people is composed of different elements. In the actual use process, only need to use them according to the characteristics of different elements, you can get a good wardrobe design.

[Semi-naked drawer + short hanging group]

Wardrobe design

Semi-naked drawers are thinner than the transparent drawers, so you can see what's in the drawer. Drawers inside the wardrobe, it is important to be shallow, too deep drawers can not be seen at a glance. The final outcome is all overturned.

Short hanging group: According to the length of the clothes, arrange the hanging sets of different heights to make the space more efficient.

[Longitudinal clothes rail + transparent drawer + low lattice + large storage box]

The whole wardrobe receives pictures

Longitudinal clothes rail: It is especially suitable for small spaces, which is more convenient for displaying the appearance of clothes.

Transparent drawers: The biggest benefit is at a glance, you don't have to pull the drawers out and mess them up, you can easily find what you want.

Low-grid: This is a special recommendation. Think back to most wardrobes. The most common mistake in grid space is that the grid height is too high. When you stack more than 5 pieces of clothing, it's hard to make sure they don't mess up, and stacking the two boxes will increase the difficulty of collecting them. Therefore, the low grid is actually the most efficient storage method.

A large number of storage boxes: use the storage box to adjust the interior space of the wardrobe, more neat and orderly.

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