September 18, 2021

Weiboer successfully developed antibacterial water-based ink

Wenzhou Weiboer Industry Co., Ltd. has successfully developed a new type of anti-bacterial water-based ink with independent intellectual property rights. The related product development project has recently successfully raised 10 million yuan to implement industrialization in Wenzhou High-tech Industrial Park.

At present, the inks used in packaging and printing in China are mainly organic solvent-based inks. They are toxic and flammable, and their residual solvents are more likely to stick to foods. The newly developed anti-bacterial water-based ink solves these problems, especially for printed food and pharmaceutical packaging, and children's toy packaging.

It is reported that 95% of U.S. flexographic printing uses water-based ink, while countries such as the EU and Japan also tend to use water-based ink more and more. At present, China has successfully introduced more than 200 modular flexo production lines. Newly developed domestic water-based inks have been tested to replace similar imported products, which is expected to effectively reduce packaging and printing costs.

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