October 21, 2021

What are the faucet heater products?

Every winter, the biting wind and the cold water give us a particularly deep impression. We inevitably wash and scrub brushes in our daily life. The faucet heater appears in such a situation. What about it? Next we will explore together.

Definition of faucet heater

The faucet heater, also known as the faucet electric heater, is a new type of electric heating device developed and designed on the basis of the instant electric water heater and the existing electric water heater faucet. In practice, the structure can be a whole instant electric water heater; it can also be a small instant electric water heater device connected between the tap water and the faucet. .

Features of faucet heater

1. Fast (outlet water in 3-5 seconds)

2. Convenient (no need for special installation, instant hot, cold and hot, adjustable temperature and flow)

3. Safety (automatic power off without water, water and electricity separation setting)

4. Energy saving and environmental protection (water and electricity saving, no pollution)

5. Beautiful (fashion design, home decoration)

6, small (no space); multi-function (magnetization, purification)

7. Affordable (compared to water heaters or other electric heating devices)

Faucet heater brand

Feiyu : Beijing Feiyu Electric Co., Ltd. is already at the domestic leading level, with an annual production capacity of 3 million electric water faucets and 500,000 electric water heaters. Its leading product, the electric water faucet, has always maintained a leading position in domestic industry. At the same time, it has a marketing and R & D base in Beijing (Beijing Feiyu Electric Co., Ltd.), which gradually covers the major cities in the country. Beijing Feiyu Electric Co., Ltd., with its keen eye and unique brand strategy, through nearly two decades of unremitting efforts, has more than 10,000 channels covering more than 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions across the country, covering electrical chains, department stores, building materials, etc. There are nearly 500 sales outlets and service outlets, making it a veritable leading enterprise in China's electric hot water industry.

Ke Yi Le : Hangzhou Tonglu Keyi Technology Co., Ltd. was formerly Tonglu Keyi Electric Co., Ltd., founded in 2005, is located on the banks of the beautiful Fuchun River in Zhejiang Province. It is a professional R & D, production and sales of fast-heat electric It is a high-tech enterprise integrating small appliances such as water heaters, electric faucets, small kitchen appliances, smart toilets and core accessories. The company is people-oriented, relying on advanced science and technology and management experience, all employees always implement the principles of integrity, pragmatism, efficiency and innovation to serve the society. The products have been recognized and sought after by consumers and distributors. Excellent product quality and appearance Won a good reputation in the market.

Lianer : Putian Qinghuayuan Electric Appliance Development Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise. Its brand Lianer focuses on the research, development, production and sales of safety, energy saving, environmental protection and healthy home appliances. At present, Lianer integrates two sets of overall hot water and water purification system solutions, including instant / instant electric water heaters, instant hot water heater faucets, instant hot Baidu water heaters, instant hot car electric heating cups, water purifiers, There are ten high-tech products in the health care and beauty shower series.

The above is the general introduction of the faucet heater . I hope to help you. More decoration information is available on this website, so stay tuned.

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