September 18, 2021

What should I pay attention to when buying seedlings?

China's current seedling market lacks standardization, business chaos, seedlings and traffickers for profiteering, using all kinds of signs, deceiving counterfeiting, boasting that they sell strange, special, excellent, new varieties, in fact, many are common names of common varieties . At the same time, the seedlings are mostly transported by long-distance transportation, which is dehydrated and damaged. It is difficult to survive after planting. In order to ensure the relative purity of the variety, improve the survival rate, and prevent being deceived, pay attention to the following points when purchasing seedlings:

First, you must buy seedlings from a unit with high credibility

Private small-scale seedlings, it is difficult to guarantee the purity of the variety and the quality of the seedlings, generally untrustworthy. Relatively speaking, the state's formal scientific research units or nurseries or companies with good reputation are more guaranteed. Once the seedlings have problems, you can also find the seller to solve.

Second, you must buy your own familiar varieties
There are many varieties of seedlings in the market, many of which are synonymous with the same thing. It is easy to mix and match the eyes, make people dazzle, can't figure out the truth, and be deceived. Therefore, if you buy a variety that you are familiar with, or go directly to the nursery unit with the mother's garden to buy seedlings, you can be sure to buy the real variety.

Third, buy seedlings to see three
1. Look at the freshness of seedlings. The so-called fresh seedlings have a short cycle, and the leaves and roots are fresh and shiny. There is no discoloration, shrinkage, wilting, dryness or rot. If the leaves are chlorotic, the wrinkles roll, the branches produce wrinkles, the roots lose water and dry, mostly the seedlings are unearthed for a long time, the plants lose more water, the roots have died, and it is difficult to resume growth after planting.

2. Look at the quality of seedlings, except for the pure seedlings, but also the branches are thick and strong, with many branches, no damage to the branches and leaves, the roots are developed, the main and lateral roots are intact, the damage is less, and the roots are more. Only broken roots, peeled roots, no roots, mostly seedlings pulled out, it is difficult to absorb water after planting, and it is easy to die.

3. Look at the development of buds in different temperature zones. Seedlings are different in germination sooner or later. Seedlings should be purchased according to planting time. Generally, the seedlings with deep dormancy have a higher survival rate after planting. Seedlings that have sprouted long leaves, the roots recover slow growth after planting, water and nutrient metabolism disorders, and the general survival rate is low. If the average temperature is below 5 °C, planting bare root evergreen saplings is difficult to survive, and the transplanted black pine, masson pine, and pine needles are difficult to survive. The transplanting of the rose can not be later than the horror, and the peony transplanting should be in the autumn. Therefore, to buy seedlings to choose time, seedlings that have been sprouted and not to buy, especially pure single buds and buds with less buds and fruit seedlings, it is difficult to survive.

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