August 10, 2020

Window layout of residential layout

Residential Feng Shui is a mysterious piece with a long history in China. Also known as the blue bird, the green sac, the more academic saying is called Kan. "Feng Shui" was first seen in the "Funny Book" written by Guo Yan in the Jin Dynasty: "Qi, when the wind is scattered, the boundary water is stopped; the ancients are not scattered, and the behavior is stopped, so it is called Feng Shui." It is the earliest definition of feng shui. This work also puts forward the essence of Feng Shui: "The law of Feng Shui, the water is the top, the Tibetan wind is the second." The fundamental foundation and core thoughts of Feng Shui are derived from the Book of Changes. There are quite a lot of comments and controversies about Feng Shui. Some people think that Feng Shui is a comprehensive science in China, combining the long-standing observations of environment, geography, health and so on. Others believe that feng shui is the superstition of the old world, hindering the creativity of Chinese people in architectural design and interior design.


Window Feng Shui layout of residential Feng Shui layout:



The windows are the occupants who want to maintain a moderate distance from the outside world, gain independence and security, and hope to connect with the outside world to achieve a harmonious and unified bond.

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