May 27, 2020

Yuling creates a gathering place for Binbei floor industry

Northeastern Network, April 18th, this year, Yuling County is focusing on the flooring industry group led by Sanhe Wood-based Panel Group, focusing on strengthening flooring, solid wood composite flooring, solid wood flooring, and supporting Jinqiu Wood and Tianhemu. Industry, Xinrui Wood and other enterprises create brands, market and quality, support Sanhe wood-based panel group to expand production and increase the number of new waterproof decorative panels, and strive to increase floor production by 4 million square meters. During the year, the county has newly added three floor processing enterprises with an investment of over 10 million yuan.

Yulin has abundant forest resources. For this reason, the timber industry has been listed as one of the five pillar industries. Through the development of small-scale large groups, the “plate square” rough processing industry has grown to more than 300 in recent years. However, since 2007, the development of wood rough processing has become "declining", and enterprises call for a new way out for the development of the timber industry.

In order to guide the transformation of wood processing enterprises, in July 2008, leaders of the Lingling County and related departments and enterprises went to Changzhou, Suzhou, Shenyang, Fushun, Changchun, Songyuan, Hailin and Muling to visit enterprises and conduct field visits. It is proposed to create the goal of Binbei flooring industry gathering place.

Aiming at the target, the three parties of the Qiling County Government, the Qiling Forestry Bureau, and the Qiling Forestry Bureau Sanhe Wood-based Panel Group signed a framework for the joint development of the flooring industry. Sanhe Wood-based Panel Group provided MDF and other raw materials for the floor processing enterprises in Qiling County to establish food. Matching relationships to foster the growth of the flooring industry. In July 2009, Yulin went to seven flooring companies, and it took only six months to build the factory. Last year, the company's subsidiary, Sanling Longsen Flooring Co., Ltd. invested more than 5 million yuan to introduce domestically advanced, mainly to produce laminate flooring, designed to produce more than 2 million square meters of open floor production line to achieve floor substrate. , MDF, impregnated paper, veneer, floor chain production.

In order to support the development of the flooring industry, Qiling County publicized and guided the transformation of the original timber enterprises; the county finances loaned 2 million yuan free of charge, alleviating the shortage of funds for some floor processing enterprises; the county government invited production equipment manufacturers to the county more than 10 times. Products, Xinrui Wood Industry, Tongyi Yuanquan Floor and other 5 companies purchased 5 sets of equipment, each saving 50,000 yuan than the market price, and payment in installments; at the same time, investment, labor and other departments actively contact the outside world, organize more than 30 companies Technical backbone to study in Shenyang, Harbin and other flooring factories; in places where the timber industry such as Changzhou and Shenyang are concentrated, use the news media to promote the unique advantage of the development of the flooring industry to attract investors; in the industrial demonstration base, for the floor enterprise investors Implement one-stop service, support in terms of land use and capital; set up booths in Qiling Forestry Bureau and Yuling County, and organize 12 floors of Sanhe Flooring Group, Jiali Wood Industry, Kyushu Artificial Board Factory, etc. Processing companies participated in the 12th China International Exhibition on Floor Materials and Paving Technology, and negotiated with Chinese and foreign merchants and more than 20 brand agents, and the Netherlands. Foreign companies such as the United Kingdom and other foreign businessmen have reached a cooperation intention. Six timber companies in Changzhou and Zhengzhou intend to invest in the construction of the factory.

According to Li Yaoqing, director of the management committee of Qiling Industrial Demonstration Base, Yuling County has developed 12 flooring processing enterprises such as Yiyuanquan and Bond, with 22 registered brands and a production capacity of 1.5 million square meters. Li Haijun, the first manager of Xinrui Wood Industry, who started the production of the flooring industry, used to process logs and plates for more than 10 years in Tiexi Community. His Sendel brand flooring was set up in two major markets, Haicheng Street and Hongqi Street in Harbin. More than 40 sales outlets have been set up in more than 30 counties across the province.

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